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Pirate Mini-Hootbeard's Mini Treasure Hunt

Boo Day

The Moon Bot Dance

Pirate Hootbeard Loses His Yarr

Happy Hoot Day

Giggle Fangs Makes the Stars Disappear

Hootaluna: Sleepover Owl Extraordinaire

All the Greys of the Button Rainbow

The Messy Button Tree

A Party for Giggle Fangs

Giggle Bot: The Extra Tired Moon Bot

Pirate Hootbeard and the Missing Star Cloud

Hoot's Not Ready for the Night Watch

Giggle Bug Goes Missing

Hootaluna: Singer Extraordinaire

The Piratey Party

Giggle Fangs Is Too Good at Hide and Seek

Hootaluna: Hootball Finder Extraordinaire

The Perfect Cubby House

Hootaluna: Moon Bouncer Extraordinaire

Pirate Mini-Hootbeard Can't Sleep

Hootly Learns to Cloud Bounce

The Broken Fangifier

Hootaluna: Moon Dancer Extraordinaire

The Perfect Piratey Picnic Spot

The Hootastic Choir