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Mom and Daughter Duo Renovate Neighborhoods One House at a Time

41min - Mina Starsiak and Karen E. Laine get a call for help from Julie and Larry, who want a major renovation of their house in the suburbs of Indianapolis. With a total of 23 kids and grandkids, the couple's space is far too small for family gatherings. Although one of the problems is a tiny kitchen, the home's main issues are a cramped dining room and lack of seating. Mina and Karen pull out all the stops to provide an incredible transformation for a family with a traditional style.

New Clients in the Countryside

40min - The next home renovation project for Mina Starsiak and Karen E. Laine is far from a flip. They're venturing out of downtown Indianapolis and into the countryside to do a home renovation for new clients Mike and Karen. The couple has a big family but a house that feels very closed-off, and they want help opening it up. Part of Mina and Karen's plan is to add sliding glass doors and big windows to bring in more natural light. Just four weeks later, they're excited to invite the couple back into their new open concept home that feels far more spacious.

Duplex Remodel Is Double the Trouble

41min - After purchasing a duplex for $15,000, Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak get to work turning the cramped space with two sides into a single family home. Reimagining the floor plan is easy -- it's staying on budget that's a challenge with this project. It's located in an outlying neighborhood of Indianapolis that's still in transition, which could have an impact on its selling price, so the mother-daughter duo has to be mindful of the budget. But with smart purchases and creative styling, Mina and Karen make it one of a kind.

A Structure Worth Saving

40min - Mina Starsiak and Karen E. Laine bought their latest house in the Bates-Hendricks neighborhood of Indianapolis for only $4,500. When they see the inside, they realize why it was so inexpensive. From the termite-infested walls to the faulty foundation, the structure is barely standing on its own. Leave it to Mina and Karen to bring this abandoned wreck back to life as they strip the house down to the studs and then build it back up again to create an elegant and spacious home that's ready for new owners.

Family Reunion Renovation

40min - Mina has mixed feelings when she agrees to remodel her dad's house in the suburbs of Indianapolis. Her childhood home definitely needs an update, but her father may still need some convincing. Change is not his favorite thing when it comes to his house. He wants to open up his space with a brand new kitchen, stairway and deck, while also updating the great room and dining room. Although this renovation doesn't involve tearing the house all the way to the studs, Dad's ideas about decor could make this renovation Mina's most stressful one yet.

An Old House Attracts New Neighbors

40min - Karen E. Laine is caught off-guard when her daughter, Mina Starsiak, informs her that she's purchased their next reno project for a very high price. The rundown house may be expensive, but the location can't be beat -- it's right next door! Although Mina is excited to have control over a project so close to home, the old house is huge, and its problems are too. But dirt, smells and sketchy construction have never stopped this mother-daughter duo. They tackle this renovation one step at a time, and not even a near disaster on demo day will keep Mina and Karen from creating a beautiful space to attract wonderful new neighbors.

Making Space in the Suburbs for a Large Family

40min - After purchasing a house from the city for only $4,000, Mina Starsiak and Karen E. Laine know they might have a lot of work ahead of them. But when they discover detrimental water damage, horrific smells and questionable water lines from years of abandonment, they brace themselves for the worst. Foundation issues cause a wobbly and dangerous second story, but the Bates-Hendricks neighborhood is up and coming, and they want to ensure an everlasting impression by turning this house into a neighborhood treasure.

A Neighborhood Eyesore That's a Horrible Before Becomes an Amazing After

40min - The price is high, but the location is prime, so Mina Starsiak and Karen E. Laine decide to take a chance and invest in a little house in the Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis. But at only 950 square feet, this small house has some big issues. The mother-daughter team runs into trouble when sagging floors lead to an unsteady structure. Despite the problems, they forge ahead, intending to create a more functional floor plan that will turn the house into a charming bungalow perfect for any first time homebuyer.

Tiny House Turns Into a Bohemian Bungalow

40min - Budgeting is a must when Mina Starsiak and Karen E. Laine splurge on an old house they've had their eyes on for a while. Inspired by its Victorian style, they have big plans for a massive makeover on this 2,100-square-foot home. But this house has plenty of surprises in store for this mother-daughter duo. Unlike their usual projects, the downstairs space is actually in decent shape, but it's the upstairs that poses a construction challenge. They want to turn a cramped attic space into a beautiful master suite, and faced with narrow stairs, missing woodwork and hours of wallpaper scraping, they hope their Victorian treasure proves in the end that she has something special worth saving.

An Old Victorian House Gets a New Facelift

41min - After purchasing a very small house near downtown Indianapolis for only $25,000, Mina Starsiak and Karen E. Laine have their work cut out for them as they continue their mission of renovating the city one house at a time. Built in 1880 and totaling only 512 square feet, the tiny house is sure to come with big problems. After the demo team tears it down to the studs, Mina and Karen get to work building it back up again, but bigger and better. Because the house is located in their own neighborhood of Fountain Square, the mother-daughter team wants to ensure it's a solid buy for its next owners, but they need to keep their renovation costs low enough to price the house to attract new buyers.

Tiny House, Huge Transformation

41min - Mina and Karen have renovated close to twenty homes in their downtown adjacent community, Fountain Square. They have hand selected their neighbors and raised property values resulting in their dream community. Having affected so much change in Fountain Square, they venture off into the adjacent Bates Hendricks community. Have they taken on more than they bargained for? Mina and Karen have their work cut out for them and have to work as a team to get the house done on time and on budget.

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