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The Baby

Pirate Treasure

Wonder Horse


Fury Runs to Win

The Test

The Miracle

Search for Joey

The Boy Scout Story

The Choice

Stolen Fury

Joey Sees It Through

Tungsten Queen

The Hobo

Ghost Town

Junior Rodeo

The 4-H Story

Joey Saves the Day

Joey's Father

Joey and the Gypsies

47min - Zhenya's suspicions of Natashka grow as he takes evidence to Internal Affairs. Internal Affairs brings in a hacker to expose Natashka's emails, while Furin attempts to find out why. Rama warns Ahmed about the police's interest in him.

Joey's Dame Trouble

46min - After Natashka gives hidden details about his daughter's possible survival, Furin's hallucinations worsen. An Internal Affairs agent visits the department, investigating the department's recent mishaps. Desperate for money, Zhenya takes on a dangerous mission.

Scorched Earth

49min - Natashka returns to work with the rest of the team, while Furin escapes from the hospital. A serial killer dismembering his victims is at large in the city. When Furin begins to hallucinate about his loves ones, he reaches out for psychiatric help.

Joey Goes Hunting

51min - Furin pursues the lead given to him by Rakova; the fourth and final member of their old team. Ghosts from the past raise tensions even higher between Furin and Vitya. After releasing a former criminal, Furin plans to use him to get closer to The Baron.

The Horse Coper

47min - An old man stumbles upon a troubling note and rushes to the station for help. When multiple women have been kidnapped, the department will have to act quickly in order to save them. Furin takes the younger investigators under his wing. Rakova's transfer is revoked, causing Victor to panic about his future.

Killer Stallion

52min - After Furin takes matters into his own hands, Victor confronts him. A paranoid pop star seeks help from the department, but the circumstances on his case are uncertain. However, when the pop star's security detail is murdered, Rakova urges Furin to take the case.

Joey Finds a Friend

51min - Furin returns from his long absence, his old colleagues looking at him as if they've seen a ghost. Rakova immediately demotes Victor in favor of Furin to the head of the homicide department. Although Victor is in dismay, Rakova reassures him that his favor will not go unrewarded.