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7min - Mary and Aaron enjoy getting to know one another over a cup of coffee.

Plus One

6min - Mary meets Oliver at a vow renewal and has fun in nature.

Kinky Pal

10min - Mary explores some kink with Daniel.


7min - Mary reunites with her old camp friend, Kyle, and they take some MDMA together.


7min - Mary has her boundaries crossed.

New Age

8min - Mary learns all about the sexual blueprints from Ame.


7min - Mary & her bff Darleen meet a Hollywood beau.

Rico Suave

8min - Mary & her girlgang hit a house party - where Mary makes a suave new connection.


9min - Mary meets Chris on a dating app and have a memorable experience.


6min - Mary and Jordan meet at a pool party, and get in some trouble.

Good Fences

7min - Mary meets up with her neighbor, Tyler, for a play date.


8min - Mary's birthday is filled with good vibes and a new friend, Rob!


7min - Mary gets over a recent breakup with the help of her epic girlgang and her new pal, George.