His Dark Materials
2019, Show

Adventure, Drama, Family: From Philip Pullman's fantasy trilogy comes this compelling HBO series that follows a young girl's adventure in a parallel world.

Adventure Time
2010, Show

Action, Adventure, Animated: A clever boy and his magical dog travel through a strange land. But vampires and tricksters won't leave them alone!

2010, Show

Comedy, Drama, Family: At this high school, everyone wants to be a star. Befriending these divas could be a tall order for the new girl.

Call the Midwife
2012, Show

Drama, Family, History: A young midwife starts working in an impoverished neighborhood. Her eyes are about to be opened. Wide.

Soy Luna
2016, Show

Comedy, Family, Music: Luna will find out love can make a real difference in spite of time or distance when she moves to Buenos Aires, Argentina, with her adoptive parents. She is a young perceptive girl who lost her biological parents when she was a baby for reasons that have never been very clear. As she grows up, she starts meeting people from different places and living new experiences that might bring her closer to her origins. In the meantime, she will learn that passion, friendship and love may help her stay on the path to the life she's always wanted for her.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians
2007, Show

Drama, Family: Curves, crazy crises, unlimited coin and a love of cameras — some things really do run in the family.

Steven Universe
2013, Show

Action, Adventure, Animated: A group of magical guardians called the Crystal Gems teach a boy to use his special abilities as a human-Gem hybrid to help them protect humanity.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir
2015, Show

Action, Adventure, Animated: As teenagers, she's in love with him but he's oblivious. As superheroes, he's in love with her but she's just annoyed.

Henry Danger
2014, Show

Action, Comedy, Drama: School. Chores. Bad guys. Being a secret superhero sidekick makes it hard to do homework, but easy to save your city.

The Legend of Korra
2012, Show

Action, Adventure, Animated: Welcome to the world of The Avatar, where some humans have the power to manipulate earth, air, fire or water, and others will stop at nothing to take that power away. Able to bend all four elements, the Avatar must maintain peace. Though Avatar Aang fought for balance between the four nations and successfully ended the Hundred Years War, Avatar Korra has plenty of new challenges ahead of her. With new villains like the Red Lotus hot on her trail, Korra must focus on her element bending abilities to conquer all the evil threatening Earth. Was opening the portal between Spirit and Man a good idea? Watch The Legend Of Korra to find out!

Regal Academy
2016, Show

Action, Adventure, Animated: Cinderella, Snow White, Beast. They may have gotten older, but they still have a thing or two to teach their grandkids.

Anne with an E
2017, Show

Drama, Family: The beloved young heroine from Green Gables is back. This time, with more moxie than ever before.

Lost in Space
2018, Show

Adventure, Drama, Family: A planet in turmoil. A powerful robot. A doctor with dark secrets. Wherever the Robinsons go, danger's never far behind.

Alex Rider
2020, Show

Action, Adventure, Family: Alex Rider is an ordinary teenager enlisted to work on behalf of MI6, where he uses skills he didn't know he had to become an extraordinary spy.

Over the Garden Wall
2014, Show

Adventure, Animated, Drama: Wirt and Greg find themselves lost in the Unknown; a strange forest adrift in time. They travel through the foggy land in hope of finding a way home

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
2019, Show

Adventure, Drama, Family: Their rulers betrayed them, and their world is dying. Now three young heroes will risk their lives to light the fires of rebellion.

Chesapeake Shores
2016, Show

Drama, Family: She built a busy life for herself in the big city. But now fate, love and family are calling her back home.

2007, Show

Comedy, Family, Romance: Middle school stinks. Unless you're an Internet celebrity with a webcast the whole school is talking about.

Gravity Falls
2012, Show

Adventure, Animated, Comedy: Dipper and Mabel Pines are twins who spend the summer with their eccentric Great Uncle Stan (aka Grunkle Stan.)

2018, Show

Drama, Family: Love, sickness, health and exam anxiety at a Danish hospital in the 50's. Erik (Morten Hee Andersen) and Anna (Molly Blixt Egelind) are among the first to be accepted into a nursing school with men and women being trained together. Due to a lack of trained nurses, the danish governement decides, on a trial basis, that it is socially acceptabale for a man to work as a nurse. It is not easy for the men to be accepted as nurses in an working environment with oldfashioned hierarchies and strict disciplinary work ethics.

Danger Force
2020, Show

Comedy, Family: Captain Man is back with a whole new crew of superhero sidekicks - get ready...

Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure
2013, Show

Adventure, Comedy, Drama: A teenage boy grows a fish tail that comes with special powers. Can three mermaids return him to normal?

Full House
1987, Show

Comedy, Drama, Family: Full House is an American television sitcom created by Jeff Franklin for ABC. The show chronicles the events of widowed father Danny Tanner who enlists his brother-in-law Jesse Katsopolis and best friend Joey Gladstone to help raise his three daughters, oldest D.J., middle child Stephanie and youngest Michelle in his San Francisco home. It aired from September 22, 1987 to May 23, 1995, broadcasting eight seasons and 192 episodes.

The Dragon Prince
2018, Show

Adventure, Animated, Drama: They're sworn enemies. But the secret they uncover will change everything -- and launch them on a magical journey.