Episode 11: Miracle Calf

En vit noshörning är gravid med en kalv som kan vara nyckeln till att rädda arten från utrotning.

Mkhaya Discovers Her Trunk

Miracle Calf

44min - Southern white rhino Victoria is pregnant with a calf that could be key in saving a species from extinction. Connor the Malayan tiger has tooth trouble. A new bird keeper learns to feed the shoebill. Polar bears exercise their hunting skills.

Mkhaya Discovers Her Trunk

44min - Mkhaya, the youngest baby elephant in the Safari Park herd, learns to use her trunk. Will Alba the Andean bear become a first-time mom? Zoo vets examine Mandazzi the gorilla, and Jeff the snake chaser looks for he elusive costal patch nose snake.

Penguin Chick Swim School

43min - Safari Park keepers say goodbye to two elephant brothers. Can the San Diego Zoo vets design a custom shoe for Felix, an excitable three-toed Baird's Tapir? And, two African Penguin chicks grow up and get ready to join the colony.

Mek Comes Home

44min - After six years away, Mek the tiger returns to the Zoo. Two shy tree kangaroos, Spike and Polly, meet for the first time. And, with the Children's Zoo under construction, the keepers have to move over 100 animals, including a herd of reluctant goats.


44min - The Zoo says goodbye to beloved pandas Bai-Yun and Xiao Liwu as mother and cub prepare to return to China. Tembo the retired "Hollywood" elephant tries traditional Chinese medicine for her arthritis. The Butterfly Jungle gets colored for the season.

A Lion's Tale

44min - Safari Park keepers prepare Aria the rambunctious black rhino for her new life on the open African Plains exhibit. Zoo staff cares for 15-year-old legend M'bari the lion and his mate, Etosha. A vulture chick learns to eat from a surrogate puppet.

Yeti and the Cubs

43min - There will be no peace in the world for the hamadryas baboons until Impo finds his mate; luckily, the San Diego Zoo keepers have a plan. Two young cheetah cubs are training to become animal ambassadors with the help of their experienced canine guide.

New Day for an Old Tortoise

43min - Hunter the koala is ready for a mate. Jaws the Galápagos tortoise isn't feeling well, and the zoo staff works to bring him out of his shell. The Safari Park has not one but two baby giraffe calves that need to be hand-reared simultaneously.

Welcome to Our World

44min - A baby klipspringer is born on one of the coldest nights of the season and is miraculously nursed back to health. The California condor team at the Safari Park goes to unbelievable lengths to save this highly endangered species.