Episode 16: The End Isn't Near, It's Here

42min - Six months after the earthquake, the Cohens and their Newport friends face big decisions about the future.

Episode 15: The Night Moves

42min - Ryan hides his condition from Taylor and reaches out to Seth for help. Sandy acts quickly when Kirsten fears that something's wrong.

Episode 14: The Shake Up

42min - Ryan confesses his feelings to Taylor. Kaitlin interferes in Julie's relationship with Frank, and Kirsten ponders leaving Newport.

Episode 13: The Case of the Franks

42min - Frank's return leaves Julie feeling conflicted about Bullit. Kirsten reveals a secret about her past. A psychic weighs in on Seth and Summer's future.

Episode 12: The Groundhog Day

42min - Kirsten gets some surprising news. Taylor seeks relationship advice from a therapist. Che enlists Seth in a scheme to liberate a local groundhog.

Episode 11: The Dream Lover

42min - Che helps Seth sort out his feelings. Ryan tries to win Taylor back, but he's got competition. Kaitlin clashes with Will's band friends.

Episode 10: The French Connection

42min - A visit from Taylor's ex-husband stirs up Ryan's insecurities. While Seth pays a visit to Dr. Roberts, Summer gets a taste of what her future might hold.

Episode 9: The My Two Dads

42min - Seth and Summer both have second thoughts about their decision. Kaitlin crushes on a new classmate, and Julie tells Kirsten the truth about Frank.

Episode 8: The Earth Girls Are Easy

41min - Seth and Summer join Ryan and Taylor on a New Year's road trip to Las Vegas, where a misunderstanding leads to an awkward situation for everyone.

Episode 7: The Chrismukk-huh?

42min - A Chrismukkah-related accident sends Ryan and Taylor to the hospital -- and into a bizarre alternate universe version of Newport.

Episode 6: The Summer Bummer

42min - Seth gets a surprise when he goes to visit Summer, Ryan fantasizes about Taylor, and Kaitlin tries to outdo a popular rival by throwing a huge party.

Episode 5: The Sleeping Beauty

42min - Taylor tries different tactics to get closer to Ryan, who's battling insomnia. Summer's animal rights activism lands her in hot water.

Episode 4: The Metamorphosis

42min - During a visit from Seth, Summer reflects on how she's changed. Taylor enlists Ryan to help her get a divorce. Julie promises to stay away from drama.

Episode 3: The Cold Turkey

41min - Ryan is still out for revenge on Volchok, while Sandy has a different strategy. Taylor returns to Newport but tries to steer clear of her mom.

Episode 2: The Gringos

42min - Ryan and Seth head to Mexico on a mission, but Sandy and Kirsten are close behind. Taylor drops in on Summer and delivers some surprising news.

Episode 1: The Avengers

42min - While Julie and Ryan struggle to cope with their loss, Summer tries on a new persona at Brown and Seth goes to work at a comic book store.