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Come Undone

22min - Discovering the true Heart of the Jaguar, the Mystery Inc. gang work as a team to stop the Evil Entity from bringing about the end of the world. But they're in for a surprise!

Through the Curtain

22min - Using the four keys, the gang find the treasure chamber and the Evil Entity, who reveals a secret that could change their lives forever.

Gates of Gloom

22min - When the gang returns, they find the entire town of Crystal Cove enslaved by Professor Pericles and excavating beneath the city for the cursed treasure.

Dark Night of the Hunters

22min - The Mystery Inc. gang heads south of the border to search ancient Mayan ruins for the burial chamber of the Hunters of Secrets and the Heart of the Jaguar.

Nightmare in Red

22min - The gang goes under hypnosis to learn more about the ancient Annunaki race, the Evil Entity buried below Crystal Cove and the way to defeat him.

The Man in the Mirror

22min - Professor Pericles sends Fred into an apocalyptic future in order to learn the location of the Planispheric Disc. But something's not right here.

Stand and Deliver

22min - When a motorcycle-riding robber known as the Dandy Highwayman kidnaps all the women of Crystal Cove (including Daphne), it's up to our heroes to put a stop to his rogue ways.

The Devouring

22min - When a Gluten Demon begins consuming all the bread, pasta and tasty treats in Crystal Cove, Shaggy and Scooby must out-eat the demon before it's too late.

Dance of the Undead

22min - A famous Ska band has risen from the grave and their haunted music threatens to make everyone in town dance themselves to death - unless Shaggy and Scooby can stop them.

The Horrible Herd

22min - When Crystal Cove is threatened by a herd of horrible, mutated cattle, the Mystery Inc. gang discover that Professor Pericles is behind the plot.

Aliens Among Us

22min - The Crystal Cove sheriff claims that aliens are stealing high-tech devices in order to repair their damaged space ship.

Theater of Doom

22min - When the gang investigates the history of Crystal Cove, the mummy of a Franciscan Friar comes to finish what it started.

Heart of Evil

22min - Dynomutt and Blue Falcon team up with the Mystery Inc. gang to solve the mystery of a horrible Dragon-man Robot that's terrorizingthe city.

Wrath of the Krampus

22min - A creature named Krampus attacks the residents of Crystal Cove.


22min - The Mayor enlists the Mystery Inc. gang to investigate the mystery of the Scarebear - a mutant bear that's terrorizing the town ofDestroido.

The Midnight Zone

22min - When Cassidy is attacked by deep-sea robots, the gang decides to help her unravel the mystery of who is sending them and why. This is going to call for a little deap-sea adventure.

Night Terrors

22min - The kids from Mystery Inc. encounter a ghost in a old mansions library after their van is damaged and they have to find a spot to spend the night.

Grim Judgment

22min - When a crazed ghostly Puritan judge named Hebediah Grimm starts terrorizing the youth of Crystal Cove on Lovers' Lane, the Mystery Inc. gang get involved.

Night on Haunted Mountain

22min - The Mystery Inc. gang climb Mount Diabla to solve the mystery of a dark winged Angel of Destruction and a mysterious Spanishgalleon, but instead find another piece of the Disc!

The Gathering Gloom

22min - After the gang is attacked by the Graveyard Ghoul, they try not to commit "villain profiling," even when the perfect suspect isright before their eyes.

Art of Darkness!

22min - The art world comes to Crystal Cove in a mystery driven by a work of art that tries to destroy its creator. With Scooby in an emo band, things get pretty heavy!

The Hodag of Horror

22min - In pursuit of the mythical Hodag beast, the Mystery Inc. gang find something much more valuable -- Planispheric Disc Piece #4!.

Web of the Dreamweaver!

22min - As the gang sets out to solve the mystery of the Dreamweaver, who is causing citizens to destroy the things they love the most, Fred gets a visit from his real parents.

The Night the Clown Cried II: Tears of Doom!

22min - Crybaby Clown is back with a vengeance, kidnapping the citizens of Crystal Cove. When he nabs Daphne, however, the gang wastes no time in solving the mystery.

The House of the Nightmare Witch

22min - Velma and Hotdog Water (as the new Daphne) work for Mr. E. to retrieve a museum exhibit from Moscow. But the exhibit - a witch andher house - come to life and torment Crystal Cove.

The Night the Clown Cried

22min - The Scooby Gang had split apart after discovering that Velma had kept information from them. When a evil man-baby clown torments Crystal Cove, Mystery Inc. figures out how to work out their differences and get on with the mystery.