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45min - Nikita leaves the team behind and takes Alex on the road to exact revenge on MDK, leading her to make a shocking decision when she's cornered.


45min - Ryan confesses a secret that could unravel Nikita's plans; Alex puts Sam in danger when she misjudges his intentions with a suitcase full of diamonds.


45min - Jones takes control of the operation and offers Nikita and the team freedom and new identities if they'd be willing to walk away from the mission.


45min - Evidence of Nikita being hired by Pakistan to kill the U.S. president escalates tension between the countries; Ryan becomes suspicious of Birkhoff.

Dead or Alive

45min - Nikita reunites with Michael, Birkhoff and Ryan on the team's aircraft command center, and Michael advises Nikita to let them help her clear her name.


45min - With Nikita still on the run after being accused of a shocking crime, a news reporter gives her hope that she may be able to clear her name.

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