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Episode 13: They Reminisce Over You

1h 9min - Mariah adapts to her new circumstances and goes to extremes to cover her tracks. Luke takes a new approach to protecting Harlem.

Can't Front on Me

1h 2min - After arranging a drug distribution deal with the Chinese, Mariah distributes "Bushmaster heroin" throughout Harlem in an attempt do draw her rival out. She also throws a charity jam, well aware that Luke will come to protect the innocents when Bushmaster attacks her.

The Creator

56min - Luke finds the only survivor of the restaurant massacre and tries to persuade her to testify against Mariah. Meanwhile, Bushmaster remembers his childhood while fighting for his life with Tilda's help.

The Main Ingredient

59min - Danny--the Immortal Iron Fist--pays Luke a visit and offers to help him find Bushmaster. Meanwhile, Mariah regains her stolen forms and Misty confronts the traitor in the precinct house.

Episode 9: For Pete's Sake

59min - Luke and Misty take their group into hiding at a Rand facility under construction. While they try to negotiate an immunity deal for Mariah, Bushmaster learns where they are thanks to his snitch in the department.

If It Ain't Rough, It Ain't Right

55min - In the aftermath of the brownstone fire, Bushmaster puts a price on Mariah's head... and the heads of anyone connected to Luke.

On and On

56min - Misty hands in her resignation, while Shades discovers who the snitch is in Mariah's organization.

The Basement

1h 4min - Luke takes refuges with Piranha to keep Bushmaster from acquiring the money man. Meanwhile, Shades and Comanche discuss old times, and Misty contemplates her future with the department.

All Souled Out

58min - While Mariah tells Tilda the truth about the family business, Luke entertains at a party and Misty considers the case against Cockroach.

I Get Physical

55min - Luke teams up with Misty to check on the Yardies, but discovers that they have moved on. Meanwhile, Bushmaster confronts Mariah, Misty gets an invitation from Danny and Colleen, and Bobby gets a call from his daughter.

Wig Out

1h - Luke lashes out at Misty and Claire. Misty turns to a friend to deal with her anger, while Claire pays a visit to James' father.

Straighten It Out

55min - Mariah tries to rebuild her reputation by rebuilding her relationship with her daughter; Luke and Shades lose their tempers; Claire worries about Luke.

Episode 1: Soul Brother #1

56min - Luke takes on heroin dealers branding their product with his name, and finds himself becoming increasingly famous. Meanwhile, Misty returns to work after losing her arm, and a new player enters Harlem.