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The Vanishing: Part 2

The bionic heroes put their lives at risk when they face off against the vanished students’ captors – a nefarious duo that they recognize.

The Vanishing: Part 1

The academy students suddenly vanish after receiving an operating system upgrade. The team initially blames a glitch, but realize the kids are pawns in a much bigger master plan.

Space Colony: Part 2

The bionic team is threatened by the return of a diabolical villain with a nefarious plan to take over the space colony and destroy all human life on Earth.

Space Colony: Part 1

Donald takes everyone for a visit to "Davenportia," the first human space colony located on a remote planet in another galaxy.

And Then There Were Four

Everyone is shocked when Douglas introduces a fourth bionic sibling named Daniel who’s been living a normal life with an adopted family.

Ultimate Tailgate Challenge

When Tasha gets everyone except Perry tickets to the big college football game, Perry goes ballistic.

Lab Rats: On the Edge, Part 2

Leo is racked with guilt after his new ability severely injures another bionic teen, but is forced to regain his courage when his family is put in extreme danger.

Lab Rats: On the Edge, Part 1

Leo is racked with guilt after his new ability severely injures another bionic teen, but is forced to regain his courage when his family is put in extreme danger.

The Curse of the Screaming Skull

Perry brings back a mysterious skull from a neighboring island, which may or may not be cursed.

Human Eddy

Davenport gives Eddy, the smart home system, a synthetic human body, and he quickly becomes a model employee working alongside Perry.

Bob Zombie

Douglas develops a new piece of technology replicating Chase's bionic intelligence and gives it to some of the other academy students, including Bob.

Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med: Part 1

Chase and Douglas discover that Krane implanted all bionic students with a deadly virus, including the original three Lab Rats.

One of Us

After Adam, Bree, Leo and Douglas narrowly escape being blown up on the movie stage, they have to track down Chase, who’s been abducted by Giselle and Troy.

Bionic Action Heroes: Part 2

Douglas reveals that his old college love interest, Giselle Vickers, is now a big movie director and wants to make a movie based on Adam, Bree and Chase.

Bionic Action Heroes: Part 1

Davenport’s top scientist Dr. Ryan arrives at the academy to test his latest advance in space technology. However, a design flaw inadvertently propels Davenport into the ozone.

Space Elevator

Chase and Davenport create a new, groundbreaking energy source, and unveil it to the world. Meanwhile, Kaz and Oliver go to the academy in hopes of Kaz finally obtaining powers.

Spike vs. Spikette

Bree and Chase discover that a female bionic student has a commando app like Chase. After she starts terrorizing the academy, they activate Spike to subdue her.

Spider Island

Douglas and Chase work together to reanimate an extinct species of sea spider. The spider escapes and puts the entire academy in jeopardy.

Forbidden Hero

When Leo is injured during a mission, Tasha rushes to the academy to take care of him. She quickly realizes the danger he puts himself in on missions.

Simulation Manipulation

Adam and Chase each lead their student groups against each other in a series of simulated exercises that will evaluate both student and mentor performance.

Mission Mania

Feeling left out when no one recognizes him as the fourth member of the bionic team, Leo does his own self-promotion, which leads to more mission alerts than the team can handle.

Bionic Dog

When Douglas’ long lost dog Otis shows up on the island, Chase becomes severely allergic and Adam instantly bonds with him. Otis has a surprise for everyone.

Under Siege

When a series of suspicious events happen overnight at the academy, everyone becomes convinced a new threat has emerged.

Left Behind

After sneaking a group of their bionic students off the island Adam, Bree and Chase accidentally leave Spin and Bob behind.

Bionic Rebellion: Part 2

Sebastian and the rebels hold Leo and his fellow students captive in the training area.

Bionic Rebellion: Part 1

Chase, Adam, Bree and Leo discover that Sebastian has secretly formed an evil rebellion and targeted Davenport as revenge for Krane’s death.

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