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High School Sweethearts vs. Karate Black Belt

High school sweethearts face off against a karate black belt and his cousin.

Battle of the Newlyweds 1

911 Operator vs. Lego Fan

Episode #4.40

Episode #4.38

A stay-at-home dad and his friend vs. a woman who collects wigs and her friend.

Episode #4.37

Hockey fans face off against basketball fans.

Episode #4.36

A veteran and her friend face off against a competitive eater and his friend.

Episode #4.35

A ventriloquist and her teacher face off against two cousins who love playing video games.

Episode #4.34

A father and his son face off against a mother and her daughter.

Episode #4.33

Mirror-image twin sisters face off against fraternal twin brothers.

Episode #4.32

Episode #4.30

Pet Lovers vs. Pet Haters

Episode #4.28

Episode #4.27

Episode #4.26

Celebrity Idiotest

Episode #4.24

Episode #4.23

MMA Fighters vs. Pro Wrestlers

MMA fighters face off against professional wrestlers.

Yale Graduate vs. Catholic School Friends

A Yale graduate and her friend face off against Catholic school friends.

Kanye Haters vs. Kanye Fans

Kanye haters face off against Kanye fans.

Backstreet Boys vs. NSYNC

The Backstreet Boys fans face off against NSYNC fans.

Bargain Hunters vs. Big Spenders

A budget-conscious married couple faces off against high-rolling business partners.

Police Officer vs. Germaphobe

A police officer and his cousin face off against a germaphobe and his co-worker.

Battle of the BFFs


Episode #4.14

A married couple faces off against a woman who went to four different community colleges and her sister.

Episode #4.13

Two teams face off to answer difficult puzzles.

Episode #4.12

A tour manager and her friend face off against a bartender and his former co-worker.

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