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Episode 6: Episode 06

46min - Khafaji is made an offer he can't refuse and plans to get his family out of Iraq unscathed. But will he succeed?

Episode 5: Episode 05

46min - Zubeida and Khafaji join forces. Parodi starts to suspect Temple of a darker involvement in the case.

Episode 4: Episode 04

46min - Temple discovers his money is missing and has Khafaji arrested on false charges

Episode 3: Episode 03

47min - Khafaji goes in search of truths about his daughter, but is surprised by the arrival of Frank Temple

Episode 2: Episode 02

47min - Khafaji is sent to a Coalition Authority safe house, where a dead Iraqi man has been found

Episode 1: Episode 01

47min - In US-occupied Iraq, an ex-policeman wants to find his missing daughter. Support info at