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Final Shot at a Million Dollars

35min - Contestants totter through a maze while balancing eggs on poles. What could go wrong? Also on the menu: table games with cards and quarters.

Never Trust a Southern Belle

41min - After 24 hours of counting quarters, players test their coordination by diving for sand dollars, balancing coins and snapping lightning-fast selfies.

The Big Cheese

36min - Sleepy antics hit a high note when players must scream for their money. Still hoarse, they confront rattraps and bravely go for the cheese.

You Snooze, You Lose

40min - Contestants get jiggy and show off their moves. A staring contest preps them for an alarm-clock-smacking challenge -- on a bed, of course.

Straight-Up Tired

39min - Exhaustion claims two early victims. The rest test their reflexes with screwdrivers and water glasses while host James Davis giggles on the sidelines.

Million Dollar Pose

37min - When players try to identify animal noises, hallucinations kick in. They recover their wits long enough for a tricky coordination challenge.

Hard to Crack

37min - Group chanting keeps morale high till contestants start smashing eggs and playing with nails. One shows off his front splits; another, his air squats.

Don't Sleep!

39min - Everyone risks a headache in a brain freeze challenge before trying to quickly thread needles and break balloons filled with cash.