Episode 12

1h 10min - Rosario proposes to Angela and Lorenzo asks Judge Costa to celebrate the wedding. Massimo must choose whether to follow Buscetta to Brazil or not and Salvatore and Alice break up.

Episode 11

53min - Lorenzo is ready for a change and asks Massimo for help in getting a more important job. Judge Costa takes a brave decision with little support. Elsewhere, Rosario declares his love for Angela.

Episode 10

1h 1min - Judge Costa is setting up a very big Mafia bust which could implicate Alice's father. Lorenzo and Pia are struggling with their marriage, while Lorenzo's denunciation of his boss is taking effect.

Episode 9

1h 5min - In fear, Massimo hides at the Giammarresi's house. Pia and Lorenzo manage to choose the wrong time for a few days break at a seaside hotel. And Angela and Rosario draw closer.

Episode 8

57min - With his friends, Salvatore decides to report Mr Pellerito, while Lorenzo gives anonymous information to the papers about the contracts. Massimo looks for a way out of the drug trafficking world.

Episode 7

1h 5min - There is a sense of disorientation in Palermo. Lorenzo finds suspicious paperwork so decides to look deeper with Marina's help. And Massimo finally understands that he is involved with drugs

Episode 6

54min - Christmas is approaching and Lorenzo has not yet forgiven Angela, while he is also in anguish over the fate of Mattarella's government. And Salvatore must work in a bookshop for his penance.

Episode 5

50min - While Lorenzo gets the Regional Council job, a storm is about to fall on the Giammarresi family. Marco breaks Angela's trust by talking to his family and Salvatore gets into serious trouble.

Episode 4

1h 3min - Angela is coming to terms with her situation. Alice softens towards Salvatore when she reads the letters he sent her. Meanwhile, Massimo is developing a dangerous relationship with Iolanda.

Episode 3

52min - Angela has a huge crisis on her hands, while Pia is worried when Lorenzo works closely with a colleague, Marina. And a tug of war over drug trafficking develops between the local and the US Mafia.

Episode 2

57min - Pia at last enters a new school but finds that everything is very different than she imagined, while Massimo is uncomfortable with his role in Cosa Nostra and clashes with Buscetta

Episode 1

55min - September 1979 sees the Giammarresi family back in Palermo. Lorenzo is panicking that he is followed, local Mafiosi are killing off the judiciary and each other and Salvatore is missing Alice.