Episode 8: Swallowed by the Jungle

Episode 7: Edge of the World

44min - Trion beger sig till nationalparken Torres del Paine i chilenska Patagonien som har beskrivits som "världens ände". Väl där ska de färdas 11 mil.

Episode 6: No Mercy

43min - The endurance athletes take on a 75 mile adventure through the jungle in Belize. They must face brutal terrain, heat and humidity, as well as wildlife, over the four-day period.

Episode 5: Escape from La Venta

43min - The guys go to Mexico to explore Cañón Río La Venta in Chiapas.

Episode 4: Mountain Whiteout

44min - The trio embarks on a 75-mile journey through Idaho’s pristine wilderness.

Episode 3: No Way Out

43min - A winter storm ups the ante as the trio takes on Oregon's Steens Mountains.

River of No Return

43min - The trio journeys through Arizona's harsh yet breathtaking desert.

100 Miles from Nowhere

43min - Three friends set out to run 100 miles through Utah's Wasatch Mountains.