Jump Into the Fog

41min - As fog falls over Seattle, Jackson mysteriously disappears, Owen and Koracick show their love for Teddy, and DeLuca covers for Meredith.

Drawn to the Blood

40min - Meredith helps Jo through her funk. Maggie and Jackson's camping trip goes awry. The medical team jumps through hoops to get Gus his "golden blood."

What I Did For Love

40min - Schmitt finds Seattle's fire chief passed out at a flower shop. Meredith makes a risky call while dealing with an immigrant family seeking asylum.

Head Over High Heels

41min - Owen unpacks his past when he starts therapy. Meredith contemplates telling her kids about DeLuca. A patient gets a stiletto lodged in her chest.

Good Shepherd

41min - When Amelia and Link head to New York to perform a tricky surgery, an unexpected reunion with her sisters spirals into an awkward family dinner.

The Whole Package

41min - Catherine is tasked with a delicate surgery involving a soldier. DeLuca rises to the challenge when he and Richard tackle an appendectomy.

Silent All These Years

41min - Jo is reminded of her past when she suspects a trauma patient has been raped. Ben has a powerful talk with Tuck about dating.

Add It Up

40min - Richard gets a lesson in gender identity when a nonbinary patient arrives. Teddy's pregnancy scare spurs Koracick to take a stand against Owen.

And Dream of Sheep

41min - Vincenzo and DeLuca continue their "baby in a bag" research by testing it on lambs. Amelia runs into Link at an alternative pain relief conference.

Blood and Water

40min - Maggie reveals personal details about her life in an interview. Attempting to get custody of Leo, Owen and Amelia find it hard to get on the same page.

We Didn't Start the Fire

41min - The doctors celebrate Catherine's successful surgery -- but not everyone is in the mood to party. Helen pays Alex and Jo a visit.

I Want a New Drug

38min - While Meredith breaks a hospital record performing a lengthy surgery, multiple patients with suspected overdoses keep the staff busy.

I Walk The Line

41min - After Amelia and Owen learn shocking news about Betty, they meet her real-life parents. Meredith asks Maggie for permission to date DeLuca.

Girlfriend in a Coma

42min - The doctors throw a makeshift wedding for a woman who wakes up from a coma and her fiancé. Meredith juggles feelings for Link and DeLuca.

The Winner Takes It All

42min - With the staff's support, Catherine undergoes a complicated surgery. Meredith reconnects with her sick father before his time runs out.

Help, I'm Alive

40min - After impressing Meredith while treating a patient, Link volunteers to help out with her son's birthday party. Teddy searches for a job at Grey Sloan.

Shelter From the Storm

41min - With the hospital in disarray, doctors race to deliver a patient's organs. Amelia learns of Teddy's pregnancy. DeLuca's attraction to Meredith grows.

Blowin' in the Wind

41min - A windstorm causes an influx of trauma patients and a power outage at Grey Sloan, trapping doctors on elevators. Alex and Jo enjoy a second honeymoon.

Anybody Have a Map?

41min - Catherine calls Meredith and Tom for a confidential consultation. Nurse Frankie experiences intense pain caused by a wandering spleen while pregnant.

Flowers Grow Out Of My Grave

41min - Meredith treats a girl whose family is celebrating Día de los Muertos, stirring up memories of loved ones lost. Teddy attempts to tell Owen the truth.

Everyday Angel

41min - Meredith has a heart-to-heart with Teddy while Owen and Amelia lean into co-parenting by spying on Betty. Bailey and Jo struggle to find a diagnosis.

Momma Knows Best

41min - Meredith attracts attention when she goes on a date. The staff treats a group of burn victims. Alex tries to help a patient who's financially strapped.

Gut Feeling

41min - When a familiar face tackles his first day as interim chief, drama erupts in the OR. Maggie gets anxious about keeping Teddy's secret.

Broken Together

41min - Jo pursues a fellowship, cutting her honeymoon with Alex short. Meredith contemplates hiring a matchmaker. An interim chief of surgery gets appointed.

With a Wonder and a Wild Desire

41min - A new position at Grey Sloan Memorial has candidates lining up. Meredith's vivid dreams distract her while Amelia and Owen work toward reconciliation.

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