Corona Depression
2020, Movie

Comedy, Drama: En pandemi rammer verden, og en ensom kvinde tvinges i karantæne. Findes der noget, som hjælper mod kedsomheden, og i så fald hvad? Følg hendes kamp mod den uundgåelige galskab. Kun dig og hende - intet filter.

Chris Rock Total Blackout: The Tamborine Extended Cut
2021, Movie

Comedy, Documentary, Economics & Politics: In this extended cut of his 2018 special, Chris Rock takes the stage for a special filled with searing observations on fatherhood, infidelity and politics.

Stuck Apart
2021, Movie

Comedy: He's stuck in a wretched cycle like a broken record. Can he break out of his rut and rediscover a glimmer of what's lost?

What Happened to Mr. Cha?
2021, Movie

Comedy: Formerly a big deal. Currently barely relevant. For an actor refusing to accept his reality, life is truly the pits.

Best of Stand-Up 2020
2020, Movie

Comedy, Standup: Unnecessary milk substitutes. Bad passwords. Burlap underpants. 2020 may have sucked, but thankfully the jokes didn't.

AK vs AK
2020, Movie

Comedy, Crime, Drama: It’s a brash filmmaker against a beloved star. No rehearsals. No retakes. Reel life's about to get all too real.

Rhys Nicholson Live at the Athenaeum
2020, Movie

Comedy, Standup: He's on stage in a sharp suit. But his quick wit and stinging jokes will leave you in stitches.

London Hughes: To Catch a D*ck
2020, Movie

Comedy: She's a smart, successful single woman taking a trip down memory lane. And it's littered with men.

Shaun the Sheep: The Farmer’s Llamas
2020, Movie

Comedy, Family, History: A trio of mischievous llamas from the county fair start making a mess of the farm, so Shaun and the flock must find a way to boot out the troublemakers.

2020, Movie

Comedy: A washed-up voice director succumbs to the pitfalls of being a small-time celebrity at an anime convention.

Gina Brillon: The Floor is Lava
2020, Movie

Comedy: Gina Brillon has always had a unique approach to life’s ups and downs; handling them with a humor and sass that comes naturally to the Bronx born Latina. In her third stand up special, Brillon holds no punches when discussing her childhood, culture and the transition from single to married life with her Midwestern husband.

Home Office: Un especial de Mirreyes contra Godínez
2020, Movie

Comedy: The pandemic has been hard for everyone and Mirreyes and Godinez are learning to live in confinement. Months of the new normal have not been enough for it to stop being new or become normal. Kuri González Shoe Stores employees no longer have control of their quarantine and recovering a shoe shipment in customs will be harder than ever when the whole team is on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

Vampire Dad
2020, Movie

Comedy: Dr. Raymond Walenski and his family are no exception. Raymond is the picture- perfect husband and father until one night when everything changes. Victoria, the “Goddess of the Underworld”, bites Raymond and turns him into a vampire. Victoria recruits Raymond to be the therapist for creatures of the netherworld because monsters have feelings too and they desperately need his help! Raymond struggles with his beastly nature as he treats bulimic zombies, obsessive-compulsive warlocks and manic werewolves with their emotional issues.Meanwhile, Raymond’s devoted wife tries to keep their teenage daughter, neighbors and friends from finding out Raymond’s secret.

An Unremarkable Christmas
2020, Movie

Comedy, Drama: Accountant by day. Wannabe magician by night. Juanquini and his family are about to have the wildest Christmas ever.

Vir Das: Outside In - The Lockdown Special
2020, Movie

Comedy, Standup: Unplanned circumstances. Unscripted shows. He’s never been further from his audience. He’s also never felt closer to them.

The Netflix Afterparty: The Best Shows of The Worst Year
2020, Movie

Comedy: Tough year. Great shows. They're here to celebrate — and maybe roast — some Netflix favorites from 2020.

Rose Island
2020, Movie

Comedy, Drama: He has his own country, his own language, his own flag — and the people love it. So, obviously, the bureaucrats hate it.

Death to 2020
2020, Movie

Comedy: A year whose story couldn't be told until now, because it was still happening. The creators of "Black Mirror" look back at 2020 with an all-star cast.

Captain Underpants Mega Blissmas
2020, Movie

Comedy, Family, Kids: Lasers! Tree-bots! And a Santa that looks — and acts — like a professional wrestler? Harold and George are giving Christmas a makeover.

Christmas Crossfire
2020, Movie

Comedy, Thriller: A hit gone awry. An escape gone off the rails. This holiday trip to the country has turned into something else entirely.

Leyla Everlasting
2020, Movie

Comedy: They're molded from the same clay. Now their bond’s starting to crack. But nothing can break her undying love.

Just Another Christmas
2020, Movie

Comedy: For him, every day is like Christmas has come early: 364 days too early.

Hazel Brugger: Tropical
2020, Movie

Comedy: She's offbeat. She's outside. And she's ready to muse about feminist life hacks, German TV and pant pockets.

Ari Eldjárn: Pardon My Icelandic
2020, Movie

Comedy: National hang-ups. Tricky anthems. Hollywood's take on Asgard. A comedy special loaded with quick wit and international flavor.