Athlete A
2020, Documentary

Crime, Sports: Shattered trust. Dashed dreams. Unimaginable trauma. That's just the toxic tip of a culture of abuse, corruption and cover-ups.

Red Army
2014, Documentary

Biography, Documentary, History: RED ARMY is an inspiring true story about the Cold War played out on the ice rink, and a man who stood up to a powerful system, paving the way for generations of Russians. From Oscar(r) nominated and Emmy award-winning filmmakers, RED ARMY examines the most successful dynasty in sports history: the Red Army hockey team. Told from the perspective of its captain Slava Fetisov, the story portrays his transformation from national hero to political enemy. With the demise of Communism came the end of the Cold War, as Soviet players began joining the National Hockey League. The film explores how sport mirrors social and cultural movements in Cold War Russia.

All or Nothing: Brazil National Team
2020, Documentary

Documentary, Sports: The Brazilian National Team goes on a journey of faith, brotherhood, and hard work to reimagine their identity and to re-engage a disgruntled fanbase as they attempt to win the 2019 Copa América on home soil. From the locker room, trough the trainings, to the games, we go exclusively behind-the-scenes with the world’s most famous football team.

Calum von Moger: Unbroken
2019, Documentary

Biography, Documentary, Sports: No bodybuilder is immune to injuries and heartbreak. The great ones find a way to come back stronger than ever.

League of Legends Origins
2019, Documentary

Gaming, Sports: It started as a free demo. Now, it sells out arenas. This is the tale of a video game gone global.

2004, Documentary

Documentary, Sports: School is in session, featuring the honor students of skiing performing at the top of their game. Classrooms include: Bella Coola, B.C., Aspen CO, and the Alps of Norway. Senior Class member Shane McConkey returns with a performance of a lifetime, ski basing across the Alps and absolutely schooling his home of Lake Tahoe, CA. Sophomores Tanner Hall, Mark Abma and Eric Pollard deliver the best all around segments in skiing. The freshmen class of Ingrid Backstrom and Tanner Rainville will open people’s minds to the next level of skiing. The class of 2004 proves to be the best in skiing’s history.

Seven Sunny Days
2007, Documentary

Documentary, Sports: Matchstick Productions is proud to bring you the best stories of 2007 in this epic ski film, chronicling the foremost skiers in the world as they search for deep snow, big kickers, and the experience of a lifetime. The film from the producers Movie of the Year features the best talent-pool of skiers ever assembled performing at the top of their game in the world's best locations. So kick back and enjoy the short stories from a long year. Starring: Simon Dumont, Sammy Carlson, Jon Olsson, TJ Schiller, Mark Abma, Hugo Harrisson, Shane McConkey, Ingrid Backstrom, Sarah Burke, Eric Hjorleifson, Mike Wilson, Rory Bushfield, Chris Rubens, Colby West, CR Johnson, James Heim, and Mike Douglas.

Momentum Generation
2018, Documentary

History, Lifestyle, Sports: Momentum Generation features never-before-seen archival footage and raw interviews of surfing’s most legendary crew – including Shane Dorian, Taylor Knox, Rob Machado, Pat O’Connell, Kalani Robb, Kelly Slater, Taylor Steele, Benji Weatherley, and Ross Williams. Captured over the course of multiple years, the surfers reflect on the complexity of their brotherhood and competition that has shaped their shared emotional journey.

Football Hell
2015, Documentary

Documentary, Sports: In Qatar, allegedly 4000 workers will die to put on the 2022 Football World Cup. This staggering figure indicates the slave-like conditions the builders of football's most expensive construction project are enduring. Bullied, abused, yet somehow still grateful - their choice is between dehumanising conditions or a return to poverty in their home countries.

Ultras of Egypt
2018, Documentary

Documentary, Sports: When protest erupted in the streets of Egypt in 2011, rival football fans found themselves united at the heart of the unrest. Informed by their experiences of resisting police, the ultras applied their knowledge to civil protest. With rare access to supporters at the heart of the revolution, this doc offers an unseen view of the Arab Spring and its fatal consequences for Egypt's football fans.

Skateboarding Explained: The Instructional
2007, Documentary

Action, Adventure, Documentary: In this critically acclaimed video, Top Lake Owen instructor, and Mentality Pro, Dan MacFarlane takes you through his Proven system and breaks the tricks down in the same way that has helped his students learn. If you are new to skateboarding, or if you have been skateboarding for a while, and want to be better, this is the video for you! Learn These Tricks And More Ollie, Drop In, Nollie, Pop Shove-Its, Kickflips, Heelflips, Varial Kickflips, Backside Flip, Frontside Flip, 360 Flip, Boardslides, Noseslide, 50-50 and more. Over 30 Tricks Are Explained.

CS: Go for Gold
2018, Documentary

Documentary, Sports: Counterstrike is one of the biggest eSports, played in stadiums across the world for incredible prize pools and by the best players on the planet. As a highly competitive and intense game it requires devotion, skill and focussed teamwork. Meet the professional players and the coaches that make up the toughest teams in the game, learn what it took to get to the stage and what it really takes to earn the trophies. Including exclusive interviews with FaZe Clan, Cloud9, Fnatic, Astralis, G2 Esports and more.

Little Miss Sumo
2018, Documentary

Biography, Society, Sports: Her dreams of women competing professionally ring true to this day. Now she’s pushing for a change to make it a reality.

Ruin and Rose
2016, Documentary

Action, Adventure, Documentary: Acclaimed filmmaker Ben Sturgulewski joins the award-winning team at Matchstick Productions and their two decades of filmmaking expertise to deliver "Ruin and Rose," a creative vision brought to life by the world's top skiers.

The FIFA Family: A Love Story
2017, Documentary

Crime, Documentary, Sports: Revealing how Qatar got to host the World Cup, and how that brought down FIFA, this is a story of love and broken relationships, of cash-stuffed envelopes and dubious money transfers. Of suppressed investigations and geopolitical trade deals. All of it playing out in the corridors of football stadiums across the world, while we were all watching the beautiful game.

Anelka: Misunderstood
2020, Documentary

Biography, Documentary, Sports: Football took him around the world. On the field, he forged his own path amid scrutiny, controversy and brilliance.

The Fine Line
2008, Documentary

Action, Adventure, Documentary: The world's best skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers, and climbers join the world's leading avalanche professionals to bring you a new movement in avalanche education. "The Fine Line: A 16mm Avalanche Education Film" is a cinematic journey that unites the cutting edge of winter action sports with youth education about responsible backcountry usage. Winning awards such as Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography, and Best Concept from the industries top festivals and award shows, avalanche education has never been this entertaining. Engaging, educational, and inspiring: This film will save lives.

2018, Documentary

Action, Adventure, Documentary: Steel City Media and Creative Concept bring you the much anticipated new feature film 'GAMBLE', bringing some of Downhill Mountain Bike racing's most talented and charismatic riders together and releasing them from the confines of the tape. Narrated by the infamous Alan Ford from ‘Snatch’ and ‘Lock, Stock’, the top dogs of downhill have been united round the table and they ain’t here to mess about. Filmed all across the World in locations such as Argentina, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa and featuring a powerhouse lineup including Greg Minnaar, Josh Bryceland, Steve Peat and Loic Bruni and more, this mob of reprobates are not afraid to get loose. With the chips well and truly on the table, get ready to go all in with raw speed, a heavy hitting soundtrack and virgin locations. GAMBLE is tailored for madness.

2017, Documentary

Documentary, Sports: Awed and Attracted. He is one of the most aggressive and talented freeskiers of our age. Born in the BC backcountry, with a bloodline alive with adventure and a style carved from the landscape itself, Kye Petersen is about to blow the doors off of big mountain skiing. Numinous explores the relationships with the natural world that are necessary to safely dance with mountain faces covered in snow.

Zig Zag
2018, Documentary

Action, Adventure, Documentary: Level 1 brings out the heaviest cast and crew yet for our 19th feature film, documenting a lifestyle of contradiction: Untracked and well-travelled. Love and money. Natural and synthetic. Powder and slush. Consistent but never predictable.

Paradise Waits
2015, Documentary

Documentary, Sports: As the days turn into weeks and the weeks roll into months, it's the moments when everything seems to come together in perfect harmony that resonate the loudest. For those who anticipate winter's arrival with frothing mouths and the dreams of what may come,this past year came with an unfamiliar set of struggles as these perfect moments became more and more elusive. But for the TGR team, this only hardened their pursuit of winter's rewards. Through the highs and lows of a curious season, they come to find that the moments found on the other side of adversity are the greatest moments of all. From the award-winning filmmaking crew that brought you 2014's Almost Ablaze, comes the story of one weird winter and the people who celebrate it... Paradise Waits - a ski and snowboard film.

Down Days
2008, Documentary

Documentary, Sports: Down Days is a documentary that follows the lifestyle, thoughts, and emotions of the big mountain extreme skier. The journey takes us on a month long film shoot in Haines, Alaska. Learn what it takes to be a professional skier who battles increasing risks to satisfy sponsors and progress the sport, while conquering Alaska's infamous weather conditions.

Thunderstruck 14
2015, Documentary

Documentary, Sports: In a winter where little snow fell and summer-like temperatures kept most snomobilers at home, Team Thunderstruck scrambled the sleds and riders and jumped into the trucks, traveling from Mountain Range to Mountain Range looking for a place to film TS14! Lo and behold, they found amazing powder and steep chutes filled with early season and late season storms! And the shredding began! From trees to tekkie to jumps to steep chutes, we have it all right here! Starring Randy Swenson, Julio Eiguren, Linden Ladouceur, Trennis Baer, Mark Mesenbrink and MANY more! A Jim Phelan Film. 100% Family friendly.

Thunderstruck 13
2014, Documentary

Documentary, Sports: There are storm chasers...and there are “the-day-after-the-storm” chasers. Team Thunderstruck has perfected the chase of perfect weather days and Thunderstruck 13 is a magnificent example of how they slay and shred those sunny, powder-filled days! Sun-burned faces, perfect snow, deep powder, crazy climbs and insane crashes!! From sanity all the way to the asylum, it’s all here in TS13! Starring Randy Swenson, Julio Eiguren, Linden Ladouceur, Trennis Baer, Mark Mesenbrink and MANY more! A Jim Phelan Film. 100% Family friendly.