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Chiddiya Ud

29min - With Dabbu leaving for college, Harshu can't wait to be the oldest kid at home, but not without a few last sibling spats -- and some brotherly love.

Chupan Chupai

34min - Befuddled by Shanky’s pointers on wooing Vidhya, Harshu wants to take a more direct approach, but fears that rejection may be too much to handle.

Kacchi Ghodi

25min - A big fight between their parents leaves Harshu and Dabbu attempting to keep the peace at home, but chaos re-erupts when Chitti goes missing.

Posham Pa

32min - Sick of playing second fiddle to Dabbu, Harshu discovers a secret that could finally taint his older brother's spotless record as the perfect son.

The 12th Man

34min - Worried that his dad is uncool, Harshu is embarrassed when he comes to school. During Dabbu’s cricket match, Harshu is in for a big surprise.

Vish Amrit

35min - Looking forward to heading out to celebrate his birthday with friends, Harshu is furious when his mother organizes a party at home instead.

Pukam Pukai

31min - Harshu intends to take full advantage of the summer holidays, but his plans for fun are derailed when his mother wants him to take Hindi tuitions.