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Episode 7: Fight for Food Fame

1h 3min - The final two recruits cook a three-course meal for a panel of experts.

Episode 6: Eat Your Heart Out

42min - The recruits cook for their toughest critics -- their loved ones.

Episode 5: The Cost of Cooking

42min - Anne and Alex teach the recruits how to break down a full fish for dinner.

Episode 4: Boardwalk Bites

42min - The recruits learn to make flavored doughnuts and sausages from scratch.

Episode 3: When in Boot Camp

42min - The recruits are challenged to replicate a classic Italian American dish.

Episode 2: Culinary Games

1h 3min - The recruits learn how to roll sushi and make Japanese bento boxes.

Episode 1: Doomed Dinners

1h 3min - Anne and Alex welcome 14 of the worst cooks in America to boot camp.