Streama, hyr eller köp

Episode 10

14min - The Oscars are underway in Hollywood, but not everyone is granted access inside. All the same, Joon tries to get a glimpse of the spectacle.

Episode 9

16min - While in Koreatown to do a favor for a community leader and to promote his show, Joon runs into a fan who has a special day coming up.

Episode 8

21min - It's finally the big day! Before heading to the audition to show off all his new skills, Joon squeezes in basic parkour training.

Episode 7

18min - Joon gets a taste of real action when he goes to a shooting range for a lesson. Later, he shops for a red carpet outfit.

Episode 6

11min - Has anyone heard of g.o.d? Joon witnesses the power of K-pop through students at his alma mater when he stops by for a walk down memory lane.

Episode 5

11min - Joon is in for a good time at Venice Beach as he gets to know three new friends and throws an impromptu pizza party.

Episode 4

16min - On a visit to Slab City to take photos for his portfolio, Joon meets the locals, explores unique art installations and gets a tarot reading.

Episode 3

13min - Joon tours extravagant homes for sale in a wealthy Newport Beach neighborhood, and experiences a workout with a Hollywood trainer.

Episode 2

15min - Hello, Southern California! Joon calls up someone who might have a car he can drive around town, and heads to one of his favorite restaurants.

Episode 1

12min - Joon Park learns about an opportunity to audition for a Hollywood film, though none of the employees at his agency share his excitement.