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Episode 6: Endless

41min - Endless - The team gets news that will affect their future forever. (S5, Ep 6)

Episode 5: Cangku Shisi

41min - Kangku Shisi - An old enemy attempts to move the Warehouse. (S5, Ep 5)

Episode 4: Savage Seduction

40min - Savage Seduction - Pete, Myka and Artie are sucked into a telenovela. (S5, Ep 4)

Episode 3: A Faire To Remember

41min - A Faire to Remember - A dangerous artefact leads the team to a Renaissance Faire. (S5, Ep 3)

Episode 2: Secret Services

41min - Secret Services - Artie attempts to show Claudia the truth about her sister. (S5, Ep 2)

Episode 1: Endless Terror

41min - Endless Terror - Paracelsus turns the Warehouse into a house of horrors. (S5, Ep 1)