43min - While Santos and his staff nervously prepare for the inauguration, Bartlet and his team look back on his period in office as they prepare to leave the White House for good

Institutional Memory

43min - As the Bartlet administration prepares to transition into the Santos administration, CJ is forced to confront the choices facing her

The Last Hurrah

43min - Santos and his wife Helen are overwhelmed by the issues they face as the new First Family. Vinick must decide what path to follow now that the election is over.


43min - The President-Elect sparks controversy when he undermines Bartlet's agenda during a phone call to the President of China. Josh's hectic schedule begins to catch up with him.


Election Day: Part 2

42min - As the polls close, and results are tallied, emotions run high. Santos and Josh face the loss of their Vice Presidential candidate.

Election Day: Part 1

43min - In the series' 150th episode, the night before Election Day becomes even more meaningful for two staffers.

Welcome to Wherever You Are

43min - The Attorney General pressures Toby to reveal his source on the shuttle leak.

Two Weeks Out

The Cold

Duck and Cover

Internal Displacement

42min - C.J. is in the process of negotiating a deal so Russia and China don't go to war over Kazakstan when some potentially embarrassing information about Bartlet surfaces.

Running Mates

The Wedding


The Debate

50min - In a first for "The West Wing," the Emmy Award-winning series broadcasts a live episode featuring a tension-packed debate between the two Presidential candidates, Santos and Vinick.

The Al Smith Dinner

43min - A third-party attack on Santos brings unwanted attention to both his and Vinick's stance on abortion. Meanwhile, Will gets a promotion.

Here Today

Mr. Frost

42min - Since several members of the staff have been subpoenaed to testify in the military shuttle leak investigation, C.J. is left to run the office practically by herself.

Message of the Week

42min - Vinick undermines the Santos campaign by targeting immigration issues--a topic Santos had previously successfully avoided.

The Mommy Problem

The Ticket

43min - Now, as Bartlet's time in the White House comes to an end, two formidable men vie for the Presidency: Arnold Vinick, a Republican senator from California, and three-term Houston Democratic Congressman Matthew Santos. Josh is caught off guard when political commentators are critical of Leo as a running mate for Santos. White House Counsel Oliver Babish discusses a leak investigation with C.J. an...


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