The Beginning of the End

One Will Live, One Will Die

41min - Christina saves her husband while Sean and Vicky fail to stop the virus.

Us or Them

42min - Sean and Vicky try to stop the spread of a deadly virus.


Cut Off the Head

You Bury Other Things Too

Face Off

A Message Back

41min - Sean forces Vicky to work with him in his attempt to get to Dempsey.


41min - Thomas tricks Martinez into removing uranium from a nuclear power plant.


And Then There Were More

39min - Martinez was messaged that "Preparations are being made for your arrival."

Everything Will Change

41min - Thomas and Isabel launch a mysterious satellite.

Your World to Take

42min - Sophia learns that Thomas and Isabel are scheming behind her back and exacts revenge on Isabel. Sean and Leila track down Abby, a prematurely wrinkled girl who has clues to Samantha's whereabouts.

For the Good of Our Country

I Know Who You Are

43min - While Sterling investigates the identity of a double-crossing government informant, Samantha resurfaces.


42min - Sean and Leila discover Michael Buchanan's link to Inostranka.

Casualties of War

42min - Sean and Agent Collier rescue Vicky while Martinez releases Sophia in order to save the lives of the Flight 514 passengers.

A Matter of Life and Death

40min - Thomas threatens to kill people if Martinez doesn't free the Inostranka detainees. Sean and Agent Collier get closer to finding Leila, not realizing that they might be falling into a trap.

Protect Them from the Truth

To Keep Us Safe

I Haven't Told You Everything

42min - Sean's girlfriend Leila goes missing during their St. Lucia vacation.