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Mission 12: Mars or Bust

Mission 11: The Next Mission

Mission 10: You're a Good Moon, Charlie Brown

Mission 9: Searching for Moon Rocks

Mission 8: Crater Crash

Mission 7: The Journey on Orion

Mission 6: Space Sleepwalking

A peaceful night on the ISS is interrupted when Snoopy realizes Woodstock’s missing.

Mission 5: I Never Promised You a Space Garden

Snoopy and Woodstock struggle to tend to the ISS garden.

Mission 4: Welcome to the ISS

Snoopy blasts off for the ISS and is surprised to see a familiar face on board.

Mission 3: The Graduation

After his true identity is revealed, Snoopy must prove his worth to NASA.

Mission 2: Training

Snoopy meets C.A.R.A. (NASA’s Computerized Astronaut Recruitment Advisor).

Mission 1: The Application

Inspired by the neighborhood kids, Snoopy sets out to become a NASA astronaut.

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