Episode 12: Glasgow and Scottish Passions

25min - <div dir="auto">Starting in vibrantly gritty Glasgow, we&#x27;ll tap into Scottish passions as we tour Stirling Castle, have a wee dram on the Speyside Whisky Trail, and watch a sheepdog demonstration.

Episode 11: Scotland's Islands

25min - <div dir="auto">On the windswept Isles of Iona and Skye we&#x27;ll wander through Iron Age forts and a venerable distillery. Then we&#x27;ll set sail for Orkney&#x27;s 20th-century wartime harbor at Scapa Flow.

Episode 10: Scotland's Highlands

25min - <div dir="auto">We&#x27;ll visit Glencoe, Inverness, the Culloden battlefield - and keep our eyes peeled at Loch Ness - as we work up an appetite for modern Scottish cuisine and traditional folk music.

Episode 9: Sicilian Delights

25min - <div dir="auto">We&#x27;ll dine at the fisherman&#x27;s harbor in Cefalù, ponder the ancient Greeks in Siracusa, commune with monks in a Capuchin crypt, and eat our way through a classic Sicilian banquet.

Episode 8: The Best of Sicily

25min - <div dir="auto">In Palermo we&#x27;ll sing with merchants, drop in on a contessa, and join in the passeggiata. Then we&#x27;ll sip wine near Mount Etna, ponder Greek and Roman relics, and relax in Taormina.

Episode 7: European Festivals II

25min - <div dir="auto">Let&#x27;s celebrate Sevilla&#x27;s April Fair and Bastille Day in Paris, run with the bulls at Pamplona, party at Oktoberfest, and celebrate Christmas in Nürnberg and the Swiss Alps. 

Episode 6: European Festivals I

25min - <div dir="auto">Let&#x27;s cheer with the masses at Siena&#x27;s Palio horse race, toss a caber at a Scottish Highland Games, don a mask for Carnevale in Venice, and celebrate Easter in Greece. 

Episode 5: Greek Islands: Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodes

25min - <div dir="auto">Island-hopping to Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodes, we&#x27;ll tour ancient ruins, sample rustic cuisine and compare beaches. And we&#x27;ll see how cruising lets you do this efficiently.

Episode 4: Travel Skills: Cruising

26min - <div dir="auto">We&#x27;ll learn how to get the most out of a cruise by planning, avoiding lines, and eating quick meals on the go. And along with the joys of cruising, we&#x27;ll consider the downsides.

Episode 3: Portugal's Heartland

25min - <div dir="auto">Let&#x27;s dance on the beach at Nazaré, marvel Batalha&#x27;s abbey, revel with students in Coimbra, savor port wine, and get to know Portugal&#x27;s fascinating second city of Porto.

Episode 2: Lisbon

25min - <div dir="auto">We&#x27;ll stroll Lisbon&#x27;s waterfront and back lanes, and hear some soulful fado music. Then we&#x27;ll head over to Sintra to explore its fanciful castles and ramparts with grand views.

Episode 1: The Heart of England

25min - <div dir="auto">At Oxford and Cambridge, we&#x27;ll see where kings and prime ministers studied. Then we&#x27;ll wander through Blenheim Palace and visit the Industrial Revolution at Ironbridge Gorge.


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