Streama, hyr eller köp

Families and Foes

When Cheryl Trover comes out of the woodwork beaten and screaming, she recounts a story that leads back to her home where her husband John has been murdered. Leading up to that fateful day, John had received threats. But who killed John Trover?


Reunited with his two sons and living in a new home in Florida, life seems to be back on track for Terry King. But after a few weeks of harmony, a fire breaks out, leaving one dead, and two missing, as fingers are pointed at both family and friends.

School House Rocked

David Ford was a police officer in Kentucky. But when he's found dead in his home, police are left wondering who would kill one of their own. For weeks before the murder, David had been receiving threatening notes. Could the writer be the culprit?

A New Man

Nordella Newson is an 86-year-old woman who lives on her own in Boston. She is known as the neighborhood watchdog, regularly confronting prostitutes and drug dealers. When her body is discovered in her apartment, police have a large list of suspects.


Jayme Austin is a loving mother living in the Oregon countryside. When she doesn’t show up for work one morning, the community begins a search but investigators fear the worst. As they look into her past, they find many possible motives and suspects.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

John Davis is a hardworking man making a living in Philadelphia at a bridal warehouse. When his dead body is found slouched over the steering wheel of his van in his work parking lot, his friends - and police - are baffled. Who would want him dead?

At the End of His Rope

When a fire breaks out at the home of Ari and Denise Squire, firefighters respond to the scene and find the lifeless body of Ari. Across town, another man, Justin Newman, is reported missing, and his last known location flips this case on its head.

Murder, Who Wrote

With a college degree in one hand and a baby on the way with her soon-to-be husband, Avis Banks seemed to be in the prime of her life. So when her body is discovered at home, investigators have more questions for those around her than answers.

O Come All Ye Unfaithful

Dan and Donna Arnold were living the American dream; Dan was the Youth and Music Minister at their church, Donna played the church organ. It appeared they had it all, but hidden desires culminate in a shocking murder in their church parking lot.

Episode #3.3

Jeff Hall sees himself as a true American: a husband, a father -- and a Neo-Nazi. As the leader of a whites' rights group, Jeff creates many enemies for himself. After he is found murdered in his own home, police realize the perp could be anyone.

Episode #3.2

When census worker Bill Sparkman is found dead in the woods with the word FED scrawled on his chest, there are many suspects. Did someone take his or her hatred of the government out on Bill Sparkman? Or could the culprit lie closer to home?

The Caned Crusador

Rachael Koloroutis and Tiffany Rowell were popular high school students. When outcast Christine Paolilla moves to town, the teens befriend her. But soon Rachel and Tiffany are found murdered along with their boyfriends, shocking their small town.