Episode 102: On the Set

2min - A behind-the-scenes look at the first season of Prodigal Son.

Episode 101: Prodigal Son S1: Trailer

2min - Introducing the first season of Prodigal Son.

Episode #1.22

Episode #1.21

Like Father...

41min - Malcolm continues to unravel as the mystery of the girl in the box comes to a head.

The Professionals


Stranger Beside You

The Job

41min - A motorcycle gang robbery turns into a murder; Malcolm and an old friend work to find the murderer.

Death's Door

Eye of the Needle

Wait & Hope

Internal Affairs

Alone Time

41min - The FBI and NYPD band together to save Malcolm from the "Junkyard Killer."

Silent Night

41min - Knowing that the "Junkyard Killer" was in cahoots with his father, Malcolm investigates further.


41min - The NYPD tracks a new homicide that's linked to an elite underground sex club.

Family Friend

Q & A

All Souls and Sadists

41min - Bright focuses on the repressed memories from his childhood psyche.

The Trip

Designer Complicity

41min - Malcolm's childhood memories surface; Malcolm, Gil, Dani and JT hunt for a stalker.

Fear Response

41min - Gil, Jessica and Ainsley catch wind that Malcolm has been seeing his father again.



43min - Criminal psychologist Malcolm Bright helps the NYPD solve crimes.

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