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Saving the Tree of Life!

Rex's Threat on Pixieville

The Mermaids' Potion

A Treasure under the Rainbow

Mermaids, PopPixies' Best Friends!

A Competition Between Caramel and Martino

Living Like Cherie

Caramel's Sugary Cupcakes

Fixit and Martino's Bad Cold!

The Bad-Luck Ladybug

Hurry up, Pam

Chatta's Chatting Rival

The Lilliputian Pixies

Three Amazing Wishes

An Electrifying Day

MagicPops in Danger

The Elves' Underground Assault

The Last Gnome

Chatta's Biggest Fan

Amore and the Quarreling Dragons

Jolly's Crackling Exhibition

A Stormy Talent Show

The Pixieville Grand Prix

A Funny Pet

The Perfect Party

The Gnomes' Gold Rush

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