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Small Talk

44min - The Hamills look back over the show's best moments from the past two seasons. They answer viewer questions, Uncle J pays a surprise visit, and Dan and Michelle play a tricky game that tests how well they really know one another!

NYC, Here We Come!

43min - The Hamills hit the road for their biggest adventure yet: New York City! Eager to experience the trip through her children's eyes, Michelle plans an itinerary full of exciting surprises -- culminating in a breathtaking event for the entire family.

Hamill Hustle and Bustle

43min - The Hamills are busier than ever. Michelle readies the house for a visit from old friends & their EIGHT children, while Jack celebrates his 7th birthday with a pirate-themed party. This leaves Dan wishing he hadn't taken on a project for a neighbor!

Independence Week for the Hamills

44min - The Hamills prepare to celebrate two big holidays: Canada Day & the 4th of July. Dan & Michelle reminisce about the story of their romance, and they plan a fun double date. But when Uncle J babysits, he gives the kids a surprise they'll never forget!

What's One More Hamill?

43min - Michelle's brother and his wife are expecting their first child soon, & Michelle develops a serious case of baby fever! But is Dan ready to expand the family? Uncle J wants to teach Jack a beloved family tradition: catching famous Maryland crabs!

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

43min - With Father's Day approaching, Michelle has the kids create the perfect day for Dan, with Jack covertly enlisting Dan's help to raise funds for a gift! Summertime is in full swing & the Hamills celebrate with their neighbors at a block party.

Size Doesn't Matter

44min - Dan & Michelle want to teach their kids size doesn't matter & it shouldn't stop them from trying new things. Michelle signs the twins up for ballet, and she takes her first cooking class. Meanwhile, Dan wants to try something more extreme: skydiving!

Let's Get Healthy

44min - Motivated by the importance of keeping weight off their joints, the family improves their diet, but no one is happy to eat vegetables! Michelle prepares for her first 5K run, and Dan encourages Jack to take part in a Little People golf tournament.

A Mother's Day Surprise!

44min - Dan enlists the kids to help surprise Michelle on Mother’s Day, but relying on a six-year-old and two three-year-olds may not be the best idea! Meanwhile, Michelle celebrates with her own mom, hosting a tea party with Cece and Cate.