Streama, hyr eller köp

Episode #1.6

39min - The collection is finally set for the runway and Santiago is both elated and a wreck. The lines are out the door, his mother's there, and he's ready.

Episode #1.5

45min - Santiago spends his time going from collaborator to collaborator to finish his collection, with brief stops to see his therapists -- and go on dates!

Episode #1.4

38min - To Santiago's surprise, his favorite singer, Brazilian diva Xuxa, calls him for a dress. He's still dealing with the collection but can't pass this up.

Episode #1.3

46min - The trip home has Santiago brimming with ideas but also wracked with stress: The collection is behind, clients keep calling, and Luis makes a decision.

Episode #1.2

45min - As Santiago goes back to his hometown in the southern-most tip of Argentina to be recognized as an outstanding citizen, he remembers his roots.

Episode #1.1

47min - Back from a grueling overseas trip, Santiago needs an idea for his new collection. Meanwhile, he attends to a gay couple about to wed, and a rock star.