Streama, hyr eller köp

Episode 10

47min - Model and wrestling fan Hope needs help to find a man with a slamming body, and 28-year-old veterinary student Kurt who gets tongue-tied talking to the ladies

Episode 9

47min - Looking for love this time are 60-year-old Glyn who blames his lack of love on his disco dancing past, and 28-year-old Jamie who goes on hot dates but keeps being served cheaters

Episode 8

47min - Looking for love this time are 25-year-old estate agent Hollie-Anna, who wants a long-term relationship, and 29-year-old Jaison who feels like he's exhausted his local dating pool

Episode 7

47min - Flight attendant Alex has never had a serious relationship. Horse loving Laura wants to find herself a sexy stallion.

Episode 6

47min - Emmy-Lou from Brighton hopes it's third time lucky while forensics student Charlie strips down as he seeks his ideal partner in crime

Hope & Kurt

47min - Trans-woman Amira finally feels happy in her skin and seeks a man who's proud to show her off. Rugby player Andy has a soft centre to share with a girl for romantic nights in.

Glyn & Jamie

47min - Mum Michelle, who's a big fan of Titanic, goes naked in the hope of finding her own leading man. Gym bunny Adam from Essex hopes his body confidence will help him meet a partner who's fit like him.

Hollie-Anna & Jaison

47min - Pablo is HIV positive and wants to break the stigma about his condition. Rapper Leon attracts the wrong sort of lady. Can Naked Attraction help?

Alex & Laura

47min - Hot tub installer Rigby has seen the world, sampled its delights, and now gets naked seeking a partner. And breast cancer survivor Judith lets loose to bag herself a man.

Emmy-Lou & Charlie

47min - Looking for love this time, 30-year-old Stephanie, a clumsy girl who never gets a second date, and first-time lesbian Bethany. Will Naked Attraction help them make a perfect match?