Streama, hyr eller köp

Den of Vipers

Stalked by the deadliest animals including lions, spitting cobras and bull sharks, survivalists' every step could bring disaster. To make it 40 Days, they must use their skills to avoid becoming prey while hunting the most dangerous creatures.

Goodbye Cruel Waterworld

The group is devastated when two critical survivalists leave the challenge. With just 10 days left before extraction, Jeff is forced to change his survival strategy but a medical emergency quickly has him on the brink of a tap out.

Jeff's Worst Nightmare

A grueling five-mile hike into the snake-filled jungles of the Palawan island pushes the three remaining teams of survivalists. The one-day journey turns into two days of chaos and one survivalist must be medically evacuated from the challenge.

Hike Into Hell

A survivalist on a hunting expedition is bitten by a snake and requires an emergency medical evacuation. Tensions rise between teams as hunting grounds get territorial. One group scores protein while their neighbors are on the brink of starvation.

No Hand-Outs

With extraction on the other side of the island and the open sea too dangerous to navigate, the only way out for the survivalists is to go in. But trekking through the jungle they must watch out for venomous centipedes, vipers, and monitor lizards.

Belly of the Beast

Hit by violent tropical storms, the survivalists are pounded by torrential rain and heavy surf. When one team takes to the open seas, they're stalked by territorial sharks. The storms and lack of food brings one survivalist to their breaking point.

The Devil and the South China Sea

With resources dwindling, the survivalists venture into the shark-infested waters of the South China Sea searching for a much-needed meal. The brutal conditions on both land and sea lead to the Philippines claiming its first victim.

Surviving with Sharks

12 elite survivalists are dropped into the brutal South China Sea where they must survive 40 days on land and sea. Plus, 2 All-Star survivalists enter the same challenge looking to survive not just 40 but an unprecedented 60 days.


12 elite survivalists enter an unprecedented 40-day XL challenge. In the ocean off the coast of the Philippines, they must survive a shark-infested ocean and then face the dense Philippine jungle crawling with deadly snakes and monitor lizards.