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Sooner & Trace, and Casanova

Argonaut and Patches

Harley & Amalie, and Bam Bam

A clever Lab mix was so charming that his owners named him Casanova, but he has transformed into an aggressive nightmare on leashed walks. With the family now expecting a baby, can Cesar help them become Casanova's pack leaders? And the formerly cordial relationship between two housemates – a Jack Russell terrier and a Queensland heeler – has become hostile.

Bozley & Ginger

Bliss and Jason are afraid of being bitten by their aggressive English bulldog-Lab mix, Argy. Cesar prescribes pack therapy for Argy, knowing that a stable dog pack can be the best instructors for their peers. And Cesar tries to help a cocker spaniel named Patches who has a life-threatening appetite for paper products.

Lotus and Joey

A Chihuahua mix terrorizes his housemate, a mastiff, and dominates the rest of the house. Cesar is called in to restore the balance of power in this family and mend the odd couple's relationship. And Cesar works with a pit bull that needs to outgrow his puppy ways.

100th Episode Celebration

Nidia and Sean's French bulldog, Bozley, is anxious around other dogs and has nipped at people. Can Cesar improve Bozley's social skills? Regina and Steve's vizsla, Ginger, is afraid of cars and traffic. Can Cesar help this type-A couple slow down enough to steer Ginger's feelings about cars in a better direction?

Canine 9-1-1: Part Two - Beau and Q-Tip

Lotus is a dachshund and is a small dog with a mighty personality. His owners fear that his aggression and biting might cause him to be put down. And a German shepherd, Joey, is overzealous in guarding his house inside and out. Joey's behavior makes it difficult for his owners to have guests over.

Dueling Pit Bulls

Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan celebrates its 100th episode with a grand reunion of many of the past guests – and their dogs – all in one place at one time. Celebrate with Cesar as he walks the red carpet, and see how things turned out for many of your favorite rehabilitation cases.

Caesar & Squatty, and Hula

This episode features two more stories from the Dog Whisperer casting event. First, a wheelchair-bound woman depends on her assistance dog for her physical and emotional health, but he's developed a fear of the transportation van. Can Cesar bring reassurance and joy back to their lives? And Karen's four, busy little Maltese's are causing problems with her new marriage and her health.

Canine 9-1-1: Part One

Cesar has rehabilitated countless problem canines, and firmly believes that teaching owners is as important as rehabilitating dogs. In this episode, he takes on two pit bulls that are literally at each other's throats. Can these warring powerhouses and the couple who owns them become a stable pack?

My Life on the Dog List

After the sudden death of Noelle's musician husband, she didn't walk their two dogs for months, and they've developed behavior problems as a result. Can Cesar help bring harmony into this still-grieving young widow's life? And later, Jeanne's love of dogs has turned her home into a warzone, and the chaos is driving everyone nuts.

Fear of Dogs

On a Saturday morning in California, over 2, 000 people gathered to meet Dog Whisperer producers in hopes of working with Cesar to solve their canine troubles. This special episode follows two of the stories from that day. A Rotweiller who is one day away from being put down makes a remarkable transformation, and can a bossy bull dog turn from homewrecker to healer for a new bride with MS?

Jake and Kona

Comedien Kathy Griffin owns two temperamental rescue dogs that have appeared in her Bravo show, My Life on the D List. Can Cesar teach these celebrity pets to be good neighbors? Cesar also steps in to help a family with a new baby, whose Doberman mix is sweet and calm outside, but a horror show in the house. And an animal communicator needs help communicating the rules to her Dobermans.

Mateo and Ali

Ernesto's children have been hounding him to get a dog, but he is terrified of canines. His cynophobia began when he ended up in a hospital getting rabies shots after tormenting a neighbor's dog. Can Cesar help him overcome his fear of dogs?

Peanut and Sunshine, Roxy & Angus

Dana's Australian shepherd-pit bull mix has a severe aggression problem toward everyone but Dana's husband. Can Cesar help restore balance to their household? And worried owners Lisa and Keith are worried for their boxer who is an expert escape artist – able to jump their 6-foot backyard fence.

Chipper and Rudy & Monte

Brian and Patricia's border collie thinks he's the pack leader and has become overly protective of Patricia, growling and biting at anyone who comes near her. Police officer James Espinoza rescued a German shepherd, Ali, and named him for famed boxer Muhammad Ali, but like his namesake, Ali is always ready for a fight.

Rufus and Buddy

A pet groomer gets rave reviews but needs Cesar's help with handling some difficult clients. And a Chihuahua, Peanut, only weighs 10 lbs but makes an outsized amount of noise, causing chaos with her housemates. Can Cesar install calm in this 'nutty' pack?

Buster, Sadie and Lacey

Kim named her ridgeback-boxer mix Chipper to match the dog's high-energy personality, but Chipper's hyper attitude has developed into a severe aggression problem toward other dogs. Then, Laurie and Don own a pet boutique called Off Leash, but one of their whippets has become off limits for lunging at canine visitors to the shop.

Sasha and Angler

Sherry and Lee moved into their Seattle home and found an abused pit bull in the backyard. But Buddy lunges and bites when he meets new people, and his owners can't control him. Can Cesar help Buddy become a buddy? Then, vet Dr. Paula Terifaj helps foster Rufus, a young Rottweiler shar-pei mix, but potential adopters are often frightened by Rufus' aggressive behavior.

Shadow, Jake & Riley and Norton

Dan and Mary's bulldog, Buster, is so aggressive they can't bathe her, administer eye drops, or clean her face without fear of attack. Bruce and Debbie have a 1 year-old beagle-terrier mix that exhibits some strange behaviors, including a fear of trash cans – cowering and shaking when she walks near them. And Tamara's Lab mix, Lacey, is afraid of the outdoors.

Lives Changed

Sasha, a German shepherd-corgi mix, is well behaved in the house with humans, but outside she has trouble interacting with her peers and has tried to bite other dogs without warning. Then, meet Angler, a blind chocolate Lab that growls and attacks anyone or anything near him when eating his food – including his own tail.

Marley and Piper

The Ament family found what they thought was the perfect dog online – good with people, friendly with dogs, and gentle with kids...but Shadow wasn't quite what they expected, and now has to wear a muzzle when they walk him. Then meet Suzy Godsey, a professional dog walker and pet sitter, whose four-legged clients sometimes test her best instincts.

Owen, Jerry, and Rocky

In his many years of experience working with people and their canine pets, Cesar Millan has found that a dog's issues often reflect larger issues in the owner's life. In this special episode, Cesar gets to revisit some of his toughest cases and see how being on the show changed the dogs, and also had a dramatic impact on the lives of the owners, and made a difference in the life of the pack.

Curly and Baxter

When Tyler and Tara adopted a neglected Shiba Inu named Marley, they fell in love. But soon after Marley moved into the couple's home, he began acting out. Then Cesar works with Diana and John and their wire fox terrier, Piper. Piper is a natural hunter, but her latest prey is an unlikely target – the riding lawnmower.

Cody, Chloe and Buffy

Cesar visits the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood to help Eden Espinosa, star of "Wicked," and her Yorkshire terrier, Owen. The obstinate dog barks at the sight of Eden in costume and yelps whenever anyone leaves the dressing room. Then, Cesar travels to Washington, D.C.'s Holy Redeemer College to help a once-shy guard dog who has become overly aggressive.

Gizmo and Indigo, Diego, Valley & Whiskey

When New Yorker Peter rescued a Lab-greyhound mix named Curley, he thought owning a dog would be walk in Central Park. But on their first day Curley got into a dogfight, and his aggression has escalated ever since. Then, Andrea rescued Baxter, a Rhodesian ridgeback-boxer mix, hoping he would flourish in the great outdoors in Arizona, but now he's been banned from the local doggie hikes.

Troy and Roxie

Cody, a Yorkshire terrier, recently lost his vision and his passion for life. Chloe, a Pekingese-miniature poodle, is over-indulged by her owner, and Chloe's lack of discipline has manifested in bad behavior. And Buffy, a Rottweiler, has a dangerous obsession with horses, and her owner fears for their safety.

ATF K-9 Gavin

Meet Jennifer Lee Pryor, the wife of late comedian Richard Pryor. Jennifer's rescue organization, Pryor's Planet, is working to place dozens of dogs in loving homes. Fights have broken out among the foster dogs and the four dogs she already owned. Will Cesar be able to restore peace and help Jennifer become a pack leader? Plus, meet Gizmo, a 6-year-old beagle with a severe aggression problem.

Tara, Molly & Mandy, Olive, and Dexter

When Edie and Neal rescued a German shepherd named Troy, he seemed sweet tempered...but Troy soon showed another side. Nearly out of hope, they call on Cesar to get Troy out of solitary confinement. Then, Kim and Joel have a super-timid rat terrier that seems to be scared of just about everything – other dogs, sudden noises, even strollers!

Gus, Abbey, and Vinnie

Gavin is a winsome Labrador retriever and a decorated explosive-sniffing agent for the ATF. Together with his handler, Gavin worked everything from Super Bowls, to NASCAR events, to war zones. But following a 45-day stint in Iraq and two hurricanes, the formerly fearless Gavin started exhibiting severe PTSD. Will Cesar be able to help this heroic canine?