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Episode 13: Compilation Special 2

10min - Take a daring ride through time and temperature, from the frosty Arctic to the warmth of the city.

Episode 12: It Came From The Ice! A City Halloween S

There's a chilling new adventure for the minifigures of Lego City.

Episode 11: Mammoth Meltdown Part 2

2min - Chaos ensues as a mammoth ice cube descends upon Lego City. The city will need its biggest hero, as the Arctic explorers race against time.

Episode 10: Mammoth Meltdown Part 1

2min - The crooks are on the loose, and they're taking crime to new heights when they trigger their web of villainy.

Episode 9: Gold Train Gambit

1min - High-speed train robberies take clever planning and cool heads. But when the clock starts ticking, something's bound to go wrong!

Episode 8: Arctic Adventure Part 2

2min - Caught between icicles and frosty fangs, our heroes' chances of survival go sub-zero. Will help arrive before the blizzard strikes?

Episode 7: Arctic Adventure Part 1

2min - Far from the warmth of Lego City lie the vast frozen wastes of the Arctic. Only the bravest dare explore the secrets hidden in the deep freezer.

Episode 6: Compilation Special 1

10min - The mountainside of Lego City is anything but quiet. The hills are rife with crooks, cops, dangerous wildlife, dark caves and busy gold miners!

Episode 5: No Brick Like Home

1min - A young boy is about to learn a hard lesson when his pet skunk runs astray and crosses paths with crafty criminals.

Episode 4: Gold Mine Grief

1min - Mining gold is tough. You have to watch for spider invasions, sinkholes, bears¿and angry dads! Can the miners keep their cool?

Episode 3: Motor Show Off

1min - With trucks, planes, fast cars and fireworks, this is a show like no other - so strap yourself in and prepare to get blown away!

Episode 2: Mountain Madness Part 2

2min - As the crooks take off, the mountain police pick up the pace. Will our heroes catch the crooks in their net?

Episode 1: Mountain Madness Part 1

2min - The untold story of a getaway gone wrong, as three crooks head for the hills and must face a bear, a skunk and the mountain police!