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Episode 12: Farewell My Doggy

8min - Choy Bao Doggy failed so many times that Vincent finally decides to abandon him, asks him leave home. Choy Bao Doggy feels a hard hit on his heart and he decides to suicide. Niania asks Kung Fu Bunny to rescue him. Choy Bao Doggy tries several ways to kill himself and bunny rescue him every time. Will Vincent repents? Will the hurt heals?

Episode 11: Battles in the Brain

8min - Choy Bao Doggy gets a electric shock when he is on mission, he wakes up with no memory. Niania feels sad about Choy Bao Doggy, so she asks Kung Fu Bunny to break into Doggy's mind to save his memory. What will happen in Doggy's brain?

Episode 10: Bunny de Amor

8min - Niania continue to court Bunny , though Kung Fu Bunny have no feeling about her and wants to escape. One day Bunny finds a big conch and it is a door to a secret beach. Kung Fu Bunny hide in it and enjoy sunshine there. Choy Bao Doggy finds out his secret place and tells Vincent, at the same time Niania gets the secret too. Then, a treacherous, very tough love story begins...

Episode 9: Honey Bunny

8min - Because of Choy Bao Doggy's inability, Vincent tries to design a professional guy to help catch the naughty bunny. Finally he created a female bunny called Niania, but what he doesn't anticipate is that Niania fall in love with Kung Fu Bunny! She tries to express her love and touch bunny's heart, but Kung Fu Bunny just can't understand.

Episode 8: Kitchen War

8min - Vincent is preparing a superb dinner to welcome his girlfriend, but the food in fridge is ate by the naughty bunny! Vincent has to buy more food, he orders Choy Bao Doggy to guard over the kithen. Choy Bao Doggy sticks to his duty while he tries hard to resist temptation of food. Kung Fu Bunny wants to take more food , the two of them start a war in the kitchen!

Episode 7: The Dog in Blue

8min - As a loyal servant, Choy Bao Doggy works hard everyday. When he thinks of Kung Fu Bunny's easy life, he is so envious that he decides to give bunny a sneak attack. After being hurt, Vincent takes good care of Choy Bao Doggy, even Kung Fu Bunny treats him well. Choy Bao Doggy throw doubt upon all these things, what happens?

Episode 6: The Mosquito's Revenge

8min - Mosquito is the king of summer, he bites Choy Bao Doggy, and he wants to challenge Kung Fu Bunny. He tries to attack bunny, but at the moment he is knocked with a well aimed-punch by Kung Fu Bunny who is singing and playing building blocks. Mosquito wants a revenge. He finally controlled Vincent after defeating Doggy. By driving Vincent as a machine, revenge begins!

Episode 5: Nightmare Adventure

7min - Vincent dreamed Kung Fu Bunny drew him out and make fun of him, just like what he had done to bunny before. He wakes up from the horrible dream and sees bunny walks by. Vincent thinks of the dream and he tries to catch bunny. After some chasing Vincent fall into a book, he comes into the bunny's world. Nightmare becomes true, Kung Fu Bunny treats Vincent like a funny toy!

Episode 4: E.T Cutie

8min - A micro-ET break into Vincent's house, he is so excited that he takes photos for everything he like. At the same time, he has a special power that he can get and move things without touch. He quickly makes friends with Kung Fu Bunny, and Doggy wants to catch them for revenge. Can the cutie E.T get back to his home safely?

Episode 3: Tech Whiz Dog

8min - To defeat Kung Fu Bunny, only strong is not enough, wise is also needed. So Vincent tries many ways to educate Choy Bao Doggy. After heavy training and hard exams, Choy Bao Doggy turns to be knowledgeable with thick glasses on nose and academic cap on head. Choy Bao Doggy designed a complicated and elaborate machine to catch Kung Fu Bunny. He is so happy when Kung Fu Bunny is caught by the machin

Episode 2: The Dog's Counterattack

8min - Though Choy Bao Doggy looks strong, he can't defeat bunny. Vincent has to train Choy Bao Doggy in many funny ways, after training he becomes a strong and muscle dog. Vincent asks him to revenge, he destruct bunny's building blocks. Kung Fu Bunny is totally angry, can he defeat Choy Bao Doggy this time?

Episode 1: Enter the Bunny

8min - Vincent draws a rabbit with his pen on a notebook, and tries many ways to make fun of the bunny. The bunny fights back and Vincent gets that this is a talented Kung Fu Bunny! Then Vincent draws a dog to help catch the bunny, however they fail. At the end Kung Fu Bunny jumps out from the paper to the real world, now the funny story between Kung Fu Bunny, Choy Bao Doggy and Vincent will never end!

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