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Episode 5: Where Could Squiggles' Blankie Have Gone? Where Else Can We Find Echoes?

22min - Squiggles' favourite Blankie has gone missing and she's upset. Jessy is Curious - Where could her Blankie have gone? And is there anything else that is as warm and soft and cuddly? Nessy waits at the train station for his Great Granny Grand Monster to visit for Great Grand Monster Day. Jessy is fascinated by the echoes she hears in the station. Jessy is Curious - Where else can they find echoes?

Episode 4: How Do We Cheer Our Friends Up? How Do Airplanes Stay Up in the Sky?

22min - Dotty and the Dotlets are upset when they can't play basketball anymore. Jessy is Curious - How can they cheer their friends up? What could be wrong and how can they help them feel better? Jessy and Nessy are going on holidays to visit Jessy's Granny. They're so excited to be flying in an airplane! But Jessy is Curious - How do airplanes stay up in the sky? Is there any way for them to find out?

Episode 3: How Did My Hair Get Like This? How Can We Make Fog Go Away?

22min - It's the day of the Cara Park Picnic, but Jessy has woken up with Helmet Hair! Jessy is Curious - How can she get her hair back to its usual messiness for the Picnic Picture? Jessy and Nessy and their friends are playing soccer in the park. But when the fog rolls in, their ball gets lost. Jessy is Curious - How can they get rid of the fog and discover if Nessy really did score a goal?

Episode 2: How Can I Help You So You're Not Afraid of Thunder and Lightning? Why Is the Moon Out During the Day?

22min - Nessy is running his first ever race! But when he realises a storm is coming, he gets too scared to run. Jessy is Curious - How can she help her friend not be scared? And what exactly is Thunder and Lightning? Jessy thinks it's Day, but Nessy thinks it's Night. Which is it? Jessy and Nessy are Curious - Why are both the Sun and Moon in the sky? If only they could talk to the Moon to find out!

Episode 1: Why Is It So Windy Today? Where Can We Find Quiet?

22min - Nessy has found a red ribbon, when, uh-oh, the ribbon blows away! Poor Nessy! Jessy is Curious - Why is it so windy today? Maybe if they find out, they'll find Nessy's ribbon? Jessy's trying to write a song but there are too many distractions. Together with Nessy, she goes in search of Quiet. Jessy is Curious - Where is Quiet? And if she finds it, will she be able to finish her song in time?

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