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Just Say No


A Legendary Fail

Parks & Wreck

The Permanent Punishment

In Poor Taste Buds

Up Loser's Creek

The Lost Boy


Tooth & Consequences

Clash of the Jokers

Quantum Mock-anics

Baggage Shame

The Good, the Bad, and the Uncomfortable

Happy Father's Day

Junk in the Trunk

Episode 15: Joker vs. Joker

21min - In a joker vs. joker special, the fellas conduct palm readings, free medical exams and manicures. Then one pal becomes a big hit on the court.

Episode 14: Scaredy Cat

21min - After a series of weird interactions at the mall, the jokers suit up as ad execs to score a high rating. Sal then finds himself in a catty situation.

Episode 13: Out of Fashion

21min - The gang asks some peculiar survey questions then tries to make fast cash at the flea market. Later, a fashion show quickly goes out of style.

Episode 12: Love Expert

21min - From settling bizarre debates to invading the dance floor, the jokers try to put their best feet forward. Later, Joe tackles relationship questions.

Episode 11: Get Out of Dodge

21min - It's all eyes on the guys at the optometrist's office as they play doctor. Later, they give shady financial advice and dish out a ballsy punishment.

Episode 10: The Truth Hurts

21min - Murr plays a pretty princess, Q searches for fictitious places and the jokers make jibberish sound real. A lie detector test reveals awkward truths.

Episode 9: Psychotic Not-line

21min - Lengthy handshakes, outrageous Wheel of Doom dares and hibachi restaurant antics keep the guys occupied. Later, a psychic reading goes off the rails.

Episode 8: Do Something to My Face

21min - The fellas try to make mallgoers pick a side in odd arguments before mixing it up with customers at Dairy Queen. A joker's face becomes a target.

Episode 7: Sound EffeXXX

21min - The guys present their wacky inventions to focus groups before snoozing on strangers' shoulders. A joker's laptop disturbs the peace at a coffee shop.

Episode 6: Strip High Five

21min - The gang hosts insensitive sensitivity training. Joe takes a big whiff at a chiropractor's office. Two jokers must get high-fives or strip.

Episode 5: Birds and the Bees

21min - After letting secrets slip in the park, the guys cause chaos at a fast food drive-thru. Later, a joker teaches sex education to an unlikely audience.

Episode 4: The Stoop Sessions Part 2

21min - Recapping last season's highs and lows, the guys reflect on memorable moments including laughing fits, near makeout sessions and toy store tantrums.

Episode 3: Art Attack

21min - The jokers attempt to hold hands with strangers before following weird and random instructions from a comic book and rallying for unique causes.