Streama, hyr eller köp

Trouble Shoot

Cyber Buddies

All the Wrong Moves

Sorry for Your Loss

Dog Days of Bummer

Enter the Dragons

Everything's Just Rosie

The Alliance

Not Safe for Work

Film Fail

Sweat the Small Things

Human Pinata

Down in the Dump

Joker vs. Joker

Scaredy Cat

Out of Fashion

Love Expert

Get Out of Dodge

The Truth Hurts

Psychotic Not-line

Do Something to My Face

21min - At Dylan's Candy Bar, the four friends are peddling kids' party services -- except with adult or funereal accoutrements. Horrified shoppers listen in.

Sound EffeXXX

21min - Eating out of someone's grocery cart could be a major problem for shoppers and a stomachache for the practical jokers.

Strip High Five

21min - A huge dare leads to embarrassing scenarios at a restaurant and a mall. And one restaurant situation, in particular, brings out a killer customer.

Birds and the Bees

21min - The guys try to push puppies at Puppy City and make a grandiose attempt to kick off a sexy chant at a sporting event.

The Stoop Sessions, Part 2

21min - The guys put their green thumbs to the test as workers in a garden center and demonstrate how not to save lives as ill-prepared CPR instructors.

Art Attack

21min - The guys shampoo women's hair at an upscale hair salon, and then teach a driver's ed course that's a guaranteed fail or a guaranteed freak out.

The Stoop Sessions: Part 1

21min - The guys get a little too close to shoppers trying out beds at an IKEA store. Then they pose as members of the "Welcome to the Boardwalk" committee.

Elephant in the Room

21min - Posing as a nightclub bouncer and asking a lady if she is a dude leads to surefire trouble. Also, the guys offer phony horoscope readings in a mall.