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Pick a Loser

Theater del Absurdo

Charity Case

Belly Dancer


21min - The jokers bring their dads into the fun and show a never-before-seen episode. They also administer personality tests to total strangers.

What'd I Eat

20min - Go behind the scenes of Season 1 with the four best friends who make "Impractical Jokers" possible. These unseen snippets can stand alone!

Joker's Choice

20min - The beginnings of a successful practical joke start with a great setup. The jokesters break down the anatomy of their silliest situations.

A Loser Presents

22min - Teaching self-defense with a major dose of the funnies is today's dare. Plus, the dudes strike up conversations with perfect strangers in the park.

Who Arted

21min - Four silly guys are not necessarily the best workers for a popular New York bakery -- they imitate Super Mario and douse sugar on everything.

Out of TP

21min - The jokesters tutor students in foreign languages they don't actually know, and they creep folk out when they randomly start dancing in a public park.

Panty Raid

21min - The guys provide the most unconventional of massages to beachgoers on the boardwalk. They also teach a karate class but don't know a single move.

Author Author

20min - Four silly friends insult customers and illustrate their lack of skill as caricature artists in the mall. Unsuspecting customers have to deal with it.

Unmotivational Speaker

21min - Speed dating might not work out well after announcing you have a micropenis but the guys are down for anything when it comes to a practical joke.

Boardwalk of Shame

20min - Four friends approach strangers on the street with embarrassing one-liners and later, invade other people's beach towels.

Butterfly Crime Scene

21min - The guys shop from other people's carts at the grocery store and overdo it with public sunscreen application and lotion samples.

Episode 1: Pay It Forward

20min - Sal, Murr, Q and Joe act as eccentric cashiers at White Castle. The whole point is to get a tip, but they behave quite strangely.