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Got to Hit Homes on Halloween

44min - Desperate for their next high, Michael Kidd, Kevin Crandall, & Marcus Thompson join forces on Halloween night to break into upscale homes in search of cash. But the crime spree becomes a terrifying hostage situation when they commit a home invasion.

GOT to Be Part of the Pittsburgh Six

44min - Andrew Heim is doing time for assault at Western Penitentiary in Pennsylvania. When a prison buddy finds a way to tunnel out of the prison Heim and five other inmates escape. The group is dubbed "The Pittsburgh Six"and sparks a nationwide manhunt.

Got to Crawl My Way to Freedom

44min - After a botched robbery, Darryl Norris faces murder charges and a prison sentence. He pulls off a brilliant escape through the ceiling of his cell and plans to flee the country. But authorities are determined to find him and lock him up for good.

Got to Get Out of Debt

43min - After suffering a serious injury, Jaime Jones helplessly watches his bills and late notices on mortgage payments pile up. With his family's welfare at stake, he dons a disguise and robs banks to pay off his debts. But his greed will be his downfall.

Got to Get Home to Mother

44min - After getting handed a stiff sentence for robbery, Robert Nielsen flees the brutality of prison, escaping and living under the radar with his family in California. But even they can't shield the young fugitive from the challenges of being on the run.

Got to Escape with a Battleaxe

44min - Russell Kerr is serving a 60 year sentence for a crime he says he didn't commit. He and a fellow inmate, Christopher Stout, mastermind an elaborate escape. After busting through the prison gates, they risk life and limb for their one shot of freedom.

Got to Send a Bomb in the Mail

Albert Paul is Maine's most notorious escape artist who's drawn to a life of crime. Shortly after making parole, he's arrested for murder and spends the next couple of decades pulling off daring prison breaks only to get captured after every attempt.

Got to Taunt the Cops

Jimmy Maxwell is no stranger to prison life. But every time he gets arrested, he outsmarts officials and escapes. His go-for-broke nature makes him a menace for authorities, who come face to face with his volatile nature each time they corner him.

Got a Handsome Face

Steven Ray Milam is addicted to robbing banks. After a string of heists, he's dubbed the Handsome Guy Bandit, thanks to a clever disguise. But his pride and a mistake put the FBI on his trail. He's forced to leave his family and go on the run.

Got to Pretend to Be a Cop

Peter Gibbs is a career criminal who is constantly lured to the dark side after every prison release, despite vowing to go straight. After a string of robberies catches up to him, he faces decades behind bars but refuses to go down without a fight.