Prey for Me

True Bromance

The Cougar and Her Cub

43min - Bored & rich, Alabama teen Nathan Lee partners with local loafer Troy Smiley to hunt the most dangerous game: humans! But when the pair kills a young friend, Blake Stone, they turn the tables and convince police that Blake’s step-mom is the murderer.

No Easy Road

43min - Mother and daughter grifters, Sherrie and Dianne Dicus team up with 19-year-old Steven Wesolek, sharing love and drugs in the hot Florida swamplands as the trio try to escape their troubled pasts and set off on a violent and deadly path to freedom.

Dirty Double Cross

43min - In November 2009, Bo McNeely hitches a ride with C.J. Harvey at a truck stop. The two become fast friends. But when Harvey takes Bo home to his wife and their four boys, Bo realizes he's stepped into a meth den and the visit spirals out of control.

A Mother's Worst NIghtmare

43min - Ice queen Alesia Warrior plots with her lover, Darell Rodgers to kill her husband for his insurance money. When Darell accidentally paralyzes Alesia in the shooting, she’s forced to up the ante to confuse police to keep them off the couple’s trail.

Episode 8: A Mother's Worst Nightmare

43min - When off-the-wagon addict Casey Ledbetter falls for compulsive con-woman Jo, the combustible couple gets wrapped up in a series of scams for which their only escape is murder - but things escalate as the lovers turn on friends and become serial killers.

The Dark Krystal

43min - When troubled teen Krystal Hall develops a meth addiction, she teams up with meth maniac Patrick Connelly. The duo can't get enough of each other and soon launch a murderous rampage that leads to a high speed chase and showdown in swamps of Florida.

Freedom Quest

A Recipe for Disaster

43min - Criminal lovebirds Roger Gillett and Lisa Chamberlin plan a quiet trip out of town to keep police off their trail. But when they show up at Roger’s cousin’s home, things quickly spiral out of control leading authorities to a barn filled with horrors.

Straight Through the Heartland

43min - Indiana teen Wendy Lewis gets more than she bargained for when she takes a babysitting job for engineer Wayne Gulley as an affair leads to a deadly crime spree taking decades to solve.

Mommy's Little Helpers

More Than a Babysitter

Venus Guy Trap

43min - Beautiful nursing student Taiana Matheny falls for rising rap star Terry Sellers. With Taiana as their irresistible bait, their hot and heavy drug-fueled romance turns their romantic getaway into a murderous crime spree.