Streama, hyr eller köp

Early Thaw - Final Push

In a final push, Cor targets more lynx but the river thaws early and he gets dangerously stuck with no one to help him. For remote trappers Brian and Megan, an early thaw has made it dangerous to land a bush plane on the ice. Mike, Mark and Dave need to make major progress before season's end but it's one near disaster after another. Guy races against time to trap through the fog on a rugged edge of his line.

Late Season Gambles

With only weeks left in the season, trappers take big gambles and race against the clock to catch fur before spring closes in. Stuck in Dawson with no fur and no plan to save his season, Guy gets an emergency call from Earl and charges out to save his friend. Mike, Mark and Dave take on a new mission to save Mike's fur business. A wolf is lurking near Cor's camp and two of his sled dogs have gone missing.

Pull Out - Or Pull Out All the Stops

Guy blows the drive shaft on his snowmobile and is forced to walk 15 hours home in the brutal cold. Brian and Megan are low on fresh meat. If they can't feed baby Tasin, they'll have to pull the plug on their life in the bush. Logan's season is suddenly in danger when his plan to build a trail loop is stymied by an impassable waterfall. On Mount DuRelle Valley, a tree crashes on the path and nearly costs Dave his life.


New trapper Logan Donovan's first traps have come up empty, so he concocts an ambitious new plan. A trap-smart fox is preventing Brian and Megan from catching marten, a cornerstone fur that will make or break their season. Cor is finally having some success at Matson Creek but he needs more bait. Mike, Mark and Dave face a deadly wolf pack that is destroying their wolverine pelts and decimating populations of moose – the trappers' staple food source.


When Brian injures himself, Megan goes out alone. Cor and Andrew find a bear has made a home in Matson Cabin and things get worse when they discover much of Cor's trapline at Matson creek was ravaged by fire. Guy's ‘river highways' suddenly soften, meaning he must survive the night in the bush. A warming Chinook has left dangerous open water throughout Mount DuRelle Valley that daredevil Dave and Mike need to cross.

Do or Die

When Cor and Andrew find the path to Matson is blocked, Cor attempts a futile and dangerous crossing and only Andrew can save him. Megan and Brian are under attack as they discover a wolf is stalking their baby girl. Guy blows a bearing on his snow machine and if he can't get it repaired fast he'll lose out again this season.

Dangerous Setbacks

Cor's marten traps have all come up empty – and his lead dog Ulu gets ill. Megan has no luck with marten, and decides to trap mink instead while Guy sees his first signs of fur in his virgin land. Mike and Dave nearly die twice trying to cross a glacier to reach the elusive Mount DuRelle Valley.

New Season - New Challenges

A brutally cold winter has begun. Trapper Guy Couture has to travel 100 miles to a new and dangerous part of his trapline while veteran trapper Cor Guimond has a new family to support and needs a good start to his season. Megan Melanson and her husband Brian fly into their remote bush camp with two-year-old daughter Tasin. Alaskan trapper Mike Willard has a new plan to stop his fur business from failing.