Streama, hyr eller köp

The Squatchland

Bright lights and bigfoots

The team is in Georgia investigating sightings in & around the Ft. Stewart Army base. After meeting with a witness who saw a Bigfoot through a thermal imager the team looks for the best place to hold their final night investigation.

Return to Four Corners

The team returns to the Four Corners of America to find previous witnesses have been plagued by recent activity; a wide search of all four states leads to their most intricate strategy yet in hopes of capturing footage of a bigfoot.

The Family That Squatches Together (1)

The team travels for the first time Maine. They split up to interview eyewitnesses and embark on multiple solo investigations. Matt records multiple Bigfoot howls and is confident they’ve pinned down a Pine Tree State Sasquatch.

Disco Bigfoot

The team returns to the Pacific Northwest to settle a bet: which is squatchier, the U.S. or Canada? They meet witnesses and conduct night investigations to determine whether the Olympic Peninsula or British Columbia is squatchier.

The Family That Squatches Together