Streama, hyr eller köp

Drawing Dead

44min - Tony is acquitted of one murder charge and the other is withdrawn before trial due to erratic witnesses. But then Carl is brutally murdered by another inmate and Tony still faces an avalanche of drug charges. He is ultimately sentenced to thirty years behind bars, but it's when Danielle admits she can't wait that Tony is really brought down.

A Chip and a Chair

40min - Tony tries every angle to prevent being extradited to Australia to face serious drug charges and the murder charges he vehemently denies. Meanwhile, his vast drug operation is shut down and his crew is rounded up and arrested. And as if Tony doesn't have enough problems, Carl Williams is offered a deal by police if he'll provide information on Tony's criminal enterprises.

The Incorruptibles

42min - In Athens, Tony starts building another drugs-and-property portfolio, while two Aussie police officers arrive on a mission to capture him. The cops aren't permitted to operate in a foreign jurisdiction, so they brief the Hellenic Anti-Drug Squad, and their ace is the fact they're able to eavesdrop on Tony's calls. Eventually, the cops track him to the Delfinia café and arrest him.

A New Life

43min - While Tony fights seasickness all the way to Greece, his pregnant girlfriend Danielle McGuire trips through Europe to meet him. Back in Melbourne, the government posts a handsome reward for information leading to Tony's arrest just as one of his disgruntled employees comes forward with valuable information - including a mobile phone number Tony is known to call regularly.

Where's Tony?

44min - Tony hides out in the Melbourne suburbs before heading to a farm up country. Meanwhile, the Mexican coke trial concludes and he's found guilty. With additional charges still looming, Tony now feels that his best option is to leave the country. He recruits someone he knows from the gambling clubs and persuades him to organise an ocean-going yacht to spirit him away to Greece.

Killers, Thieves & Lawyers

42min - The Federal Police bring Tony to trial for the Mexican cocaine job. Realising that he may have to do serious time, Tony takes a massive gamble and recruits a pair of unlikely clean-skins to take over his drug empire. Meanwhile, Carl is arrested to stop any more gangland murders. Not prepared to trust the legal system, Tony flees the country whilst in the middle of his cocaine trial.

When the Dogs Bark

40min - When corruption in the Drug Squad is exposed, the domestic drug charges against Tony collapse and he is set free - but the Mexican cocaine importation charge survives. Tony decides to stick to local drug operations from now on, but his friendship with the increasingly dangerous Carl, who's picking off the Carlton Crew one by one, is the albatross around his neck.

The Mexican Job

42min - Tony has a new club, a new girlfriend, Danielle McGuire, and a string of heavy-duty drug imports worth millions. Then, a trial importation of a trivial three kilos of cocaine from Mexico threatens to bring him undone. Police agent Billy Fischer passes on everything Tony tells him to his state police Drug Squad handlers and they pass it on to the Federal Police.

The Tony Special

44min - Tony is pursuing the twin, but at times conflicting, dreams of becoming a property tycoon and building a drug empire. He maintains an uneasy truce with Melbourne's criminal royalty, the Carlton Crew, and with the help of a few bent cops, his rise is irresistible. But his friendship with sworn enemy of the Carlton Crew, Carl Williams, jeopardises it all.