Streama, hyr eller köp

Winds of Change

Bears threaten Jenny and her newborn when they get stranded on an island in a storm; Jeremy gets his farmstead up and running, but unfinished business gets in the way; bad blood and a build gone bad make Neil regret a deal with Jeremy.


McCarthy comes together for the biggest barn raising in its history; Jeremy embarks on his riskiest project yet; Jenny builds a rocket stove to support her newborn; Neil prepares to sell the town.

Spring Fever

As Jeremy rushes to finish his new barn, he learns shocking news; Jenny gets stranded with her newborn and must fight for their survival.

Deal with the Devil

To build out his farmstead, Jeremy must strike a deal with the enemy, but a severe accident may halt his progress for good; Lobo barters for the future of his farm; Neil takes on major upgrades as he prepares to sell the town.

Big Bad Wolf

A bulldozer breakdown sends Jeremy on a high-flying, cross-country journey; when a wolf stalks Jenny and her baby, she must face off with the fierce predator.


After being devastated by a powerful windstorm, it's all hands on deck as the town recovers. Jeremy discovers his barn is destroyed, Mark must clear dangerously damaged trees before it's too late. Lobo makes a tough trip with valuable but fragile loot.

Crossing Thin Ice

When Jeremy crosses a frozen river in a two-ton bulldozer, he finds himself on thin ice; Jenny takes on a dangerous survival mission with her newborn baby in tow; Neil's business partner returns to town with big news.

Frost and Found

Jeremy and his sons search the frozen wilderness for a lost bulldozer to sustain his family farmstead; Mark sets out to show his new fiancée the beauty of McCarthy, but finds danger; Neil makes a last-ditch attempt to save his dream.