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Episode 21: Rings

1min - Shaun gets himself into a real twist when he dismounts from the Rings.

Episode 20: BMX Shaun

1min - A Pig's attempt to sabotage the BMX race is foiled by an unexpected meeting in the henhouse.

Episode 19: 100 Metre Dash

1min - Slow and steady wins the race! Shaun and his fellow competitors are exhausted by 2 false starts, but Shirley's inertia leaves her with the energy to win the race.

Episode 18: Relay

1min - Bitzer is surprised to find himself the winner of the relay race when his bone is used as a baton.

Episode 17: Swimming

1min - After a muddy race the spectators wait with anticipation to see who is revealed as the winner.

Episode 16: Hockey

1min - When the Old Lady realises her umbrella is being used as a hockey stick she seizes the opportunity to score the winning goal.

Episode 15: Beach Volleyball

1min - A noisy, vuvuzela touting supporter is finally silenced after trying to put off the opposing team.

Episode 14: Steeplechase

1min - The audience become so engrossed in counting sheep as they jump the fences, they doze off!

Episode 13: Trampoline

1min - Shaun takes an unexpectedly energetic journey around the farmyard as his bouncy castle trampoline deflates.

Episode 12: Ping Pong

1min - A vigorous table tennis match sends Shaun around the world in his attempts to return the ball to his opponent.

Episode 11: Hammer

1min - The Farmer discovers one of his wellies is missing! He summons Bitzer to retrieve it just as Shirley launches her victory shot - landing the missing welly on Bitzer's head.

Episode 10: Ribbon

1min - Shaun finishes his Ribbon routine with a flourish - leaving the Moles tied up in knots!

Episode 9: Synchronised Swimming

1min - Busby Barkley meets the Sheep Dip!

Episode 8: Judo

1min - Strictly Come Judo! Shaun and his opponent can't help expressing themselves to music when Timmy gets his hands on the radio.

Episode 7: Weightlifting

1min - Shaun puts all his effort into lifting the bar until the earth gives way beneath his feet.

Episode 6: Archery

1min - The competition gets heated and Shaun and Bitzers' recklessness almost results in Farmer discovering what they've been up to!

Episode 5: Gymnastics

1min - Shaun discovers that using a real horse for his gymnastic routine is a winning combination.

Episode 4: Fencing

1min - An exuberant fencing match ends in embarrassment when the pair discover they've left themselves very exposed!

Episode 3: Diving

1min - An impatient Pig gets his comeuppance when he takes his dive and comes down to earth with a bump!

Episode 2: Shot Put

1min - The Pigs attempt to sabotage the shot put competition - however the officious Moles uncover their deceitful behaviour.

Episode 1: Pole Vault

1min - When Shaun uses his fellow sheep to construct a pole vault, they take revenge by using the bar to catapult him into the ether.

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