Mr. Sunshine
2018, Шоу

Экшн, Драма, История: She's a luminous flame amid a brewing storm. Who will help her fight for Joseon? The friend? The ruffian? Or the stranger?

World War II in Colour
2009, Шоу

Документальные фильмы, История, Военные фильмы: Color footage of World War II changes our conception of this catastrophe. Prepare to be shocked -- and moved.

Greatest Events of WWII in Colour
2019, Шоу

Документальные фильмы, История, Военные фильмы: With new images in vibrant color, a monumental conflict hits home like never before -- with shocking immediacy.

The Hollow Crown
2012, Шоу

Драма, История, Военные фильмы: A continuation of the BAFTA-award winning adaptations of William Shakespeare's history plays entitled The Hollow Crown, this compelling three-part series covers the widely-recognized period of internal strife within Britain known as The Wars of the Roses, and depicts one of Shakespeare's most notorious anti-heroes emerging under the guise of Richard III.

Five Came Back
2017, Шоу

Документальные фильмы, История, Военные фильмы: Capra. Ford. Huston. Stevens. Wyler. Armed with cameras, five directors risked their lives to boost morale through film.

2018, Шоу

Экшн, Реалити-шоу, Триллер: From their perilous missions to their rocky personal lives, these first responders face traps and hurdles at every turn.

The Tudors
2007, Шоу

Драма, История, Мелодрама: Jonathan Rhys Meyers stars in this original, history-based drama series as the young, vibrant King Henry VIII, a competitive and lustful monarch who navigates the intrigues of the English court and the human heart with equal vigor and justifiable suspicion. Natalie Dormer ("Anne Boleyn"), Jeremy Northam ("Thomas More"), Maria Doyle Kennedy ("Queen Katherine"), James Frain ("Thomas Cromwell") and Peter O'Toole ("Pope Paul III") round out the all-star cast of this lavish epic.

Hitler's Circle of Evil
2017, Шоу

Документальные фильмы, История, Военные фильмы: They are the Nazi elite, rising to become a nation's most powerful leaders -- but their diabolical ideology is doomed.

Rise of Empires: Ottoman
2020, Шоу

Документальные фильмы, Драма, История: He wanted to conquer a city at a critical crossroads. And he fought to realize that vision — on the ashes of an empire.

Morocco: Love in Times of War
2017, Шоу

Драма, Военные фильмы: They may be women of privilege, but in wartime, they're not afraid to get their hands dirty -- or their hearts broken.

The Liberator
2020, Шоу

Экшн, Анимация, Драма: The Army – and country – had written them off. But all they needed was the right leader. Then, they became legends.

2016, Шоу

Драма, История, Военные фильмы: In the shadow of World War I, Ireland faces a fight all its own. Loyalist or rebel? It’s time to choose sides.

Troy: Fall of a City
2018, Шоу

Экшн, Приключения, Документальные фильмы: Hers was "the face that launched a thousand ships." His was the destiny that destroyed an entire city.