The Big Lebowski
1998, Фильм

Комедия, Детектив, Спорт: The ultimate slacker. An avid bowler. Throw in mistaken identity and kidnapping? Well, this Dude's in trouble.

Finding The Way Back
2020, Фильм

Драма, Спорт: Former high school basketball phenom, now struggling from a loss, is asked to coach today's mediocre team and sparks them on a winning streak. But is it enough for redemption?

The Lap of Tasmania
2017, Фильм

Приключения, Спорт: 'The Lap of Tasmania' is a documentary, following Dustin Hollick and Rhian Slapp, two ordinary fathers with the survival skills of well-trained house pets, on a two-week journey around Tasmania with not much more than the clothes on their backs. The rules are simple: No cash, no car, no technology and just 10 personal items each.

2013, Фильм

Драма, Спорт: This biopic focuses on baseball icon Jackie Robinson, who in 1947 became the first black Major League Baseball player of the modern era.

Guillermo Vilas: Settling the Score
2020, Фильм

Искусство и культура, Биография, Документальные фильмы: A great tennis champion seeks the recognition he earned. Decades later, will an obsessive quest finally settle the score?

2020, Фильм

Драма, Здоровье и фитнес, Спорт: They’ve been trained to fight. He’s teaching them to play. What began as a game could now be a matter of life and death.

2009, Фильм

Приключения, Спорт: An inspirational mountain bike film about the best riders in the world doing what they love, riding bikes. Whether they are on their downhill bikes, moto's, hardtails or BMX's they radiate an infectious passion for bikes and a love of the lifestyle that comes with them. Featuring Steve Peat, Greg Minnaar, Sam Hill, Josh Bryceland, Brendan Fairclough, Steve Smith, Andrew Neethling, Filip Polc.

2007, Фильм

Документальные фильмы, Спорт: Six months of skiing action. Lots of snow. Weeks of rain. Sun. Clouds. Fog. Blue Skies. Unforgiving concrete. Untracked landings. Low Pressure. High fives. Triple kinks. Double grabs. Too much speed. Not enough gas. Underrotated. Overtweaked. A chronological portrayal of the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of the '06-'07 exactly as it happened.

2009, Фильм

Спорт: 10 Years deep and still not satisfied. Never before has the sport of skiing changed and progressed so much, so quickly, as it has over the past decade. With changes in equipment, accessibility of terrain, and most importantly the mindset of some of the world's best athletes, skiing today is not what it once was.

2019, Фильм

Драма, Спорт: At a Lucknow college, an aspiring football player’s dream of playing nationally is threatened when he faces discrimination for his Manipuri background.

Such is Life
2008, Фильм

Спорт: It takes the Earth 24 hours to rotate around its axis, 7 rotations in a week, and 365 spins to make a ski film. The making of a ski film is not a hobby for us, but a way of life. Our talented group of athletes train year round, work odd jobs, and dream throughout the off season of what the upcoming season will bring.

Indo Style
2016, Фильм

Спорт: 'Indo Style' is on a whole new level, from the clear waters of the Maldives, to the stunning beauty and culture of the Philippines and the Perfection of the waves in Indonesia, Sean Gilhooley captures the action from the land water and air in a way never seen before in Asia. Aside from the stunning images the film takes the viewer on a ride through the life..

2015, Фильм

Спорт: A l'ombre d'Hawaï pour un Tahitien, de la grande industrie du surf pour un Canaulais, du handicap pour un Charentais ou d'un choix professionnel pour un Martiniquais, tombottom nous emmène à la croisée des chemins pour rencontrer des gens libres, heureux de pratiquer leur art.

A Chinese Odyssey Part Two: Cinderella
1995, Фильм

Экшн, Приключения, Искусство и культура: After using the Pandora's Box, Joker finds himself stuck centuries in the past, where he encounters his old master and an array of villains.

The International Player
2009, Фильм

Драма, Спорт: A footballer for a local club aspires to join the big leagues then gets his shot at going pro, fueling his team's rise to victory.

La quinta de la quinta
2020, Фильм

Документальные фильмы, Спорт: Una generación de jóvenes futbolistas liderados, entre otros, por Dani Ceballos, Fabián o Mikel Oyarzabal, afrontaba un complejo reto: conseguir la quinta Euro sub-21. Una derrota en el primer partido y diferentes lesiones aumentaron la dificultad del objetivo. Vive desde dentro cómo este grupo dirigido por Luis de la Fuente va superando todos los obstáculos hasta convertirse en campeón de Europa

2019, Фильм

Спорт: WEMTB a 30 minutes Mountain Bike project filmed in Spain and 2 islands, Tenerife and Ibiza, with top Spanish riders such as Toni Ferreiro, Bernat Guardia, Edgar Carballo, Gabriel Torralba, Iago Garay and many more. Including sisters, brothers, father and son, a wolf dog and Pablo Alonso pedalling against Parkinson's disease. Nature, family, self improvement and beautiful trails.

Kalani: Gift from Heaven

Спорт: For the past 3 years, filmmaker Nuno Dias has been busy capturing the life of one of the most enigmatic phenomenons of the Big wave Scene, Kalani Lattanzi. Filmed in Nazaré and Rio de Janeiro, this documentary portrays Brazilian waterman Kalani Lattanzi's route, all the way from his origins and first contact with the ocean in Brazil, to Nazaré in Portugal, where ultimately, with only with his body and a pair of fins, no vests, no boards or jets, he faces the biggest waves in the world, in the most pure form of wave riding: bodysurf.The film counts with the participation and testimonies of some of the biggest names in the big wave scene, including names like Garrett McNamara, Andrew Cotton, Ross Clarke- Jones, Maya Gabeira, Lucas Chumbo.Featuring unreleased big wave imagery of Nazaré, including historic footage of the biggest waves ever attempted by a bodysurfer. The result is enriched by a variety of different angles in what is a particularly difficult sport to capture on camera.

Gunnie Season
2012, Фильм

Документальные фильмы, Спорт: With a list of some of the top skiers in the world featured in their new film, it will be a must see. I recently sat down with the masterminds behind it all, AJ Dakoulas and Andrew Napier, and their assistant videographer/editor Kevin Steen for an interview about their season, and the making of Gunnie Season.

Poveri Noi
2018, Фильм

Документальные фильмы, Спорт: "Poveri Noi" is Italian for "Poor Us". Plain and simple our movie has no hidden message and gives no deeper meaning to why we snowboard it is just 50 minutes of urban and backcountry snowboarding mashed together with some good times by a crew of international brothers. Let's be real, we are all just dancing on planks of wood but hotdiggedy it's fun! "poor us...Poveri Noi!

Masters of Surf
2016, Фильм

Спорт: This fast paced hard hitting action film showcases the biggest names in surfing. Surfing legends like Kelly Slater, Jaime Obrien, Shane Dorian, Rob Machado and Dane Reynolds. With a sick punk rock soundtrack by Anchors For Arms. Highlights include Tom Curren mind bending tube rides at Sandpit, Jaime Obrien getting so pitted and tubed and Dane Reynolds throwing huge airs.

You Make Me Proud
2019, Фильм

Документальные фильмы, Спорт: CSKA Moscow tasted Final Four glory in Vitoria-Gasteiz at the end of the 2018-19 season. The team's journey, however, was anything but easy, and this gripping hour-long movie tells the tale of CSKA's ups and downs with previously unseen behind the scenes footage throughout the course of the campaign, including exclusive and achingly honest interviews with all the key protagonists.

Dream Job
2019, Фильм

Спорт: A comedy documentary about a girl working in the ski industry who decides to become one of the stars, Dream Job begs the question - they go up, they go down, how hard can it be? The film follows comedian Katie Burrell through "days in the life" with three of the industry's biggest names: Leah Evans, Christina Lustenberger and Diny Harrison.

On the Wave
2019, Фильм

Документальные фильмы, Спорт: On the Wave is the first Russian surfing documentary that illustrates the beauty of surfing, both as a sport and as a life philosophy. The documentary follows the story of Masha, a Russian girl who dreams about surfing. In order to achieve her dream she goes to a Russian surf school in Bali. Masha knows everything about the ocean and its power, but is afraid of deep water.